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Intra Arquitectos Colonial style corridor, hallway& stairs
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Today we're heading to Spain to explore a big multi-level home brimming with natural warmth. The primary structure has been designed with big bold lines and a combination of volumes that meet to create a homely feel.

The building site slopes and dips in an unusual way. While others may have levelled the block, Spanish architects Intra Arquitectos have built into the recesses in the site to create a sunken living room area and a lower-level garage. So if you love big warm family homes with a unique feel, come with us on a photo tour to have a look inside…

Bold combination of volumes

The home is composed of two main volumes that dip and shift to create an interesting exterior. The bold sloping mass to the right forms the side of a built-in outdoor fireplace and creates a nice addition to the shape of the home. The door to the left is the entrance and the sunken area makes for the perfect garage space. Also, a multiple level home like this provides a lot of living space while also retaining the relaxed, easy feel of a single level home.

Entrance with an aquarium dividing wall

The interior has several interesting dividing walls and partitions. The first we see is the large aquarium that has been used to separate the hallway from the living room. One of the key benefits of using a fishtank as a separating wall is the element of light. Natural light flows throughout each space. It's a bonus of course that the underwater plants add some greenery to both spaces too.

Bold and youthful living room

After descending a series of steps, we come to the sunken living room. This kind of living room design adds some instant cosiness to the room. Here we can also see how this warm and comforting feel has been accentuated by the use of rich red furniture and lots of wood. This is a living room that feels a little bit like a cocoon. Finally, Spanish interior design is often full of vivacious accents and here we have some zebra patterned sofa chairs that definitely inject a bolt of energy to the room.

Glass brick kitchen

Glass bricks were very popular in the 1960s/70s and they are slowly making a comeback. They are an excellent way to separate your living spaces without blocking the flow of light. Most of them are non load-bearing however, so they should not be used as a supporting wall. This glass wall is made from semi-transparent glass that provides some privacy and slightly blocks the noise from the kitchen.

Stunning formal dining room

One very important part of Spanish culture is spending time with loved ones while lingering over a long meal—with Spanish wine of course! So it's no surprise that this family home has a dedicated dining room suitable for entertaining eight people. It has a gorgeous combination of earthy green and red ochre walls and a series of small pendant lights that make the central focus clear!

Bedroom with glass bricks

If you ever wondered if glass bricks would work in the bedroom, here's your answer. They do provide some privacy but they are really best when combined with solid walls. The other interesting feature in this small master bedroom is the placement of the bathroom and dressing room. This space has been created by moving the sleeping area forward and separating the two areas with a low wall that doubles as a bedroom headboard.

Timber kitchen

We will finish our tour in the kitchen… of course. This is an important part of any Spanish home and this one even has a casual eating area. The kitchen feels big, functional and easy to use and it has a strong natural feel that links it to the other rooms in the home. This is largely due to the black slate floor tiles and wooden cupboards. As an aside, we love the highly polished black kitchen countertop.

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