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The Boathouse Residences sit beside Upper Serangoon Road, within walking distance to Punggol Park and located scenically alongside the Seangoon River. Of the 493 apartments that sit inside this luxury housing development we’ll today be taking a peek inside just one. This renovated abode has been totally reinvigorated by interior designers EightyTwo, and is a creative rethinking of the original, compact home. 

The condominium was finished in 2015, so thankfully the existing layout is modern and does not require any alteration. However, the property is rather compact and because of this certain space saving additions have been incorporated. Although we’re not sure of the exact size of this flat, it is in the vicinity of 60m2 to 80m2. For this size, the designers have designed the new interior for the very reasonable price of S$40k.  

Would you like to see the finished product? Read on below, and see if you can find a few feature elements to inspire your own dwelling.

Unique interior dividers

Although this home is compact, it certainly isn't lacking in style! Our first image of this abode is from the balcony end of the apartment, looking straight through to the front door. Boasting an open plan layout, this spacious room employs some ingenious elements and features to keep it functional. 

One of the best features that has been added to this abode is the glazed wall divider. This black framed item is elegantly positioned between the kitchen and the lounge, allowing each space a little privacy and segregation, without losing movement and interior flow. Not only does this contrasting element look great, it also prevents any unwanted kitchen odours from seeping into the living room. 

Space-saving elements

As we mentioned, the designers have added certain space saving elements and features to keep the home open and enjoyable. In this second bedroom we see a raised loft-bed platform, which contributes to the floor plan, while still allowing the layout a sense of roominess. 

Bold black stairs offer a dramatic way to ascend or descend between levels, while a glass balustrade ensures the upstairs bed area still feels airy and bright. 

The loft bed

Taking a quick peek upstairs we see how large the loft area actually is. The black hue continues as the floor, contrasting nicely against the characterful bed linen. 

Additional wall storage has also been added, which acts as a side table, as well as an area to store personalised objects and decorations. 

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is definitely a serene and tranquil spot to sleep. Effortlessly relaxed, the scheme is rather masculine with a textured grey wall, and plaid bed linen in a coordinating blue hue. Timber tones are also included to soften the overall ambience and atmosphere, and these are seen throughout the space in many different tones.

Space saving features have also been added in this room. The sliding timber door removes the need for the additional space that a regular hinged door may require. Additionally, hanging bulbs sit each side of the bed, foregoing the need for side table space, while adding an eye-catching element. 

Warm cooking and socialising spaces

Heading into the kitchen area and our eyes are immediately caught on a range of characterful features that have been implemented. Boasting a modern rustic approach, along with several industrial elements, this eclectic space is ingenious, attention-grabbing and unique. 

The central island offers storage for the room, with a small recessed space for bar stools. On the opposite facing wall we see another seating spot, which is actually more of a bar, and allows the central island to function as a dining space if entertaining. To the left of the centre island the kitchen is placed against the wall, and provides full-size appliances with minimalist joinery.

The cosy snug

Lastly, we check out the snug. This cosy spot is ideal for getting comfy after a long day, hanging out with friends or taking a nap before dinner. Bright furniture is energising and eye-catching, as well as creating contrast against the muted white walls. 

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What did you think of the end results? Let us know below!

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