Guide to choosing the perfect living room seating

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Addison Grove Hamilton King Modern living room
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Whether you live in a studio apartment, a small flat, large terrace home, or country manor house, living room furniture, specifically seating, is paramount to the enjoyment of your domestic space. The living room is a crucial and central location to one’s home: it provides comfort, space to relax, unwind, and a place to socialise with friends and family. Picking your seating is one of the biggest furniture decisions you will make. You want to ensure your choice creates a convivial presence, is practical, and suits the demographic of your household. There is no point investing in a stunning white modular sofa if you have a gaggle of little ones who will smear Play-doh, bolognaise, or other questionable substances onto it at the first opportunity. Your seating is also a statement, and can evoke a sense of who you are, and heighten your design nous. Think about the colours you are interested in, the style, and the size. Furthermore, ensure you choose something that is well-manufactured, and of course, stylish. 

For some added inspiration, and some handy hints, take a look at the following examples below, and choose your living room seating with confidence.

Mid-century timber armchairs

The mid-century furniture trend is becoming increasingly popular within interior designed spaces. The elements of classic polished timber combined with comfortable upholstered cushions, angular design, and timeless nature, mean a set of mid-century arm chairs could be the perfect solution to many living room spaces. This is a brilliant example of a home with traditional architecture, and stylish mid-century seating. Whether you like Eames or Wagner, there are plenty of different and stylish options available that will be and age defying and classic interior statement for your home.

Cosy reading corner

Reading corner with cozy armchair Katie Malik Interiors Classic style living room
Katie Malik Interiors

Reading corner with cozy armchair

Katie Malik Interiors

Perhaps you want something that is a little more comfortable than ‘in vogue’? This is a wonderful example of how you can create a cosy and comfortable reading corner without compromising style. Think tufted upholstered armchair, traditional in design, with a modern neutral hue. Pair that with mood lighting, sumptuous throw rug, modern side table, and plenty of shabby-chic accessories for a space that will be welcoming and inviting after a long day of work.

Contemporary minimalism

Jarpen Armchair. Designed by Niels Gammelgaard in 1980 for Ikea. Hopper + Space Classic style living room
Hopper + Space

Jarpen Armchair. Designed by Niels Gammelgaard in 1980 for Ikea.

Hopper + Space

So you have decided you want to baulk the trend of over-stuffed sumptuous sofas, and get something a little more edgy. You want statement making furniture, pieces that stand the test of time and present a stylish centrepiece for your home. Take a look at this example from Hopper & Space. Perfect for a contemporary space, or indeed a heritage home, this chair will act as an intriguing conversational piece of furniture, and an excellent way to bring art into your interior.

Stylish and comfortable modular sofa

First floor - living room with a view to Trumpington meadows AZ INTERIORS Minimalist living room

First floor—living room with a view to Trumpington meadows


The modular sofa is an enduring classic. Created many decades ago, this practical and stylish seat has seen countless transformations and mutations. If you want to feel cosy, contemporary, and stylish in your abode, consider a modular or sectional sofa. Perfect for families, with boundless space to play, relax, and rest, this style of seating is an obvious and easy choice.

Eclectic fusion of styles

Addison Grove Hamilton King Modern living room
Hamilton King

Addison Grove

Hamilton King

Perhaps your space cannot be limited to one style of seat? Maybe you require an eclectic mix of many different items to give the area a little pizzazz and evoke your keen design sensibilities? Take a look at this example to the left. A mixture of three different seating options, this space oozes creativity and originality and most of all, looks fabulously stylish. Think mid-century armchair, paired with leather upholstered swivel armchair, and finally a two-seat sofa in a rich and traditional design. Combine with plenty of sumptuous textiles, throw cushions and huge shag rug, and you will have yourself a space to be proud of.

Traditional and classic

Bespoke sofa Camouflage Modern living room

Bespoke sofa


For a more traditional approach, consider a classic timeless sofa such as this. Oozing with refinement and allure, this setting is a wonderful way to choose something that will age impeccably and ensure many years of enjoyment. Choose a neutral colour to match a neutral colour scheme, or perhaps a bold tone to contrast it. Finally add plenty of silk throw cushions, plush carpet, mood lighting, and plenty of fresh flowers to ensure the space is chic and sophisticated.

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