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Earlier this year Tabata Sekkei completed one of his dream projects – the building of Shinmachi House. As you will soon find out, it fulfils all the requirements of a modern house plus more. It is within the city’s limits (compact yet not space deficient), timeless in design (yet every bit modish to cater for today's living standards), energy efficient and family friendly. 

What's particularly fantastic about this home is that the parents have seemed to have designed it around their children. From family-friendly living and sleeping areas to great outdoor play areas, this home is sure to take you on a great surprise.

Accessible from all sides

Shinmachi House is built on a lot size of less than 150 sq metres. It occupies a corner plot and squeezes out every available inch to create a house that answers everyone’s needs. It is spread over two storeys and covering a combined area of about 155 sq metres. The design follows a contemporary style and the combination of wood and concrete is homage to the country’s traditions, whilst also an effort to incorporate ecologically sustainable designs as much as possible.

Central pond

A goldfish pond cum children's swimming pool holds the central position in the house. The living area is encircled around the pond and its strategic position helps in bringing down the temperature in summertime. Perfect for the children that can enjoy swimming and splashing with the water any time of the day.

Upper level balcony

The second floor timber balcony is not only another area where the children can play, but it is also a great thoroughfare for joining the internal living areas. The wooden floor ensures environmental friendliness and is also a nice surface for when walking around with bare feet. It is also the perfect place for the parents to watch over their children without being worried about safety.

Living room and dining space

The living, dining and kitchen space is separated by partitions. The 15 sq metres space is having large windows on three sides. Generous amount of sunlight bathes the place all day long which is particularly healthy for the young members of the family. It is compact yet highly organised and efficient. Throughout the house window and door frames are made of engineered aluminium which is affordable, lightweight and reasonably durable.

Living room with storage solutions

The southern area of the living room is reserved for some extra storage space. The cabinet neatly hides children’s playthings and other family essentials. The TV is set atop the cabinet. Courtesy the large windows and a clever colour scheme, the area feels airy and comfortable.

Open plan kitchen and dining

Tabata Architectural Design Firm created a kitchen island in white to generate a spacious feel. But this is duly balanced with colourful dining chairs and rugs to introduce an element of fun that are likeable to everyone, especially the children.

Multi purpose playroom / bedroom

Instead of having traditional bunk beds, the designer incorporated a faux floor in a corner of the children’s room. Beds were then arranged in such a way that lets each child have enough freedom for oneself. High ceilings help in avoid the feelings of congestion that otherwise might have cropped in. A mountaineer’s wall is a great addition for the young ones to have some exercise indoors.

Entryway and exit

The entrance hall is but a little passage with direct accesses to the living room, ground floor guest room and indoor garage. The mono stringer wooden staircase is built following the contemporary theme of the house. Though space saving in nature, mono stringer staircase with large boulders spreading around the hallway cannot be considered too child friendly an option in this otherwise splendid example of an urban family home. The house also has roof top solar panels, which according to the architect, is capable of offsetting about 10 percent of the house’s monthly energy bills.

All in all, Shinmachi House boasts of an excellent design that makes optimal usage of space. It is built within a limited budget and is meant for the city dwellers who want to have a comfortable abode for themselves and their family members without burning holes in their pockets.

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