6 brilliant examples of built-in design to save you space

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'Built-in' is a term that's becoming ever more popular in modern interior design. Equipment and appliances such as gas stoves, air conditioners, fridges and even TVs are installed in such a way as to be integrated within a room's very walls or units. Today, homify presents some brilliant examples of in-built features that make their surrounding furnishings look much more sleek and tidy. In fact, they're the perfect space-saving solution!

1. Built-in garage

The first thing on our 'built-in' list today is the garage. For those who don't want an obvious out-building or separate unit in which to park their car or store equipment, a built-in garage is the answer. Notable benefits are that it is not exposed to rain, wind, or snow. This particular ground-floor garage also saves space by having part of the house built on top of it, thus taking up fewer square meters.

2. Stove / microwave oven / dishwasher

In kitchen design, appliances often stick out like sore thumbs and require constant cleaning as dirt and fumes gather on all sides. In this example, the dishwasher, oven and microwave are built in, meaning more space on the counter and no useless gaps where things can gather and decay. Cleaning becomes easier, and the entire kitchen is more functional. 

3. Built-in washing machine

Don't allow a cube-shaped washing machine to spoil the symmetry and design of your utility room or kitchen! In this example, we see how the appliance has been tucked neatly away into the outer furnishings so that you wouldn't even know it existed. Everything will not only look more tidy, but be easier to clean.

4. Air conditioner

The most common place to install the air conditioner is close to the ceiling high up on a wall. However, this is highly conspicuous and damaging to a room's natural style. Such an air conditioner can also be installed in a decorative ceiling enclave that can hide it from view. In this residence, courtesy of Organic Studio Hyogo Co. Ltd, the air-conditioner is installed within a sleek cabinet, remaining out of sight.

5. Closet

From floor to ceiling, this wall is effectively used as storage space. Not only can it accommodate many things, but the design also gives a striking impression of neatness. This is a room free of clutter! Even the air-conditioner and the television have a built-in place to live.

6. TV and entertainment station

Dual purpose audio visual media unit with concealed 9 feet cinema screen and wood panelled walls. Designer Vision and Sound: Bespoke Cabinet Making Multimedia roomFurniture
Designer Vision and Sound: Bespoke Cabinet Making

Dual purpose audio visual media unit with concealed 9 feet cinema screen and wood panelled walls.

Designer Vision and Sound: Bespoke Cabinet Making

If you have TV, audio and entertainment stations, you can also incorporate built-in design. Devices like these need to be connected by a cord, and cords are apt to get tangled up and messy. By contacting a carpenter or builder, all of this can be neatly stored behind the wall so you can enjoy your music and films in a clean environment.

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Which of these built-in ideas will you be trying?

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