6 one-room apartments with genius layouts to copy

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There’s a tendency to think of one-room apartments as a hindrance; a decorator’s worst nightmare that one must simply endure rather than enjoy. This needn’t be the case. In actual fact, one-room or studio apartments can easily offer comfortable living in a luxurious and pleasant environment.

Today we’ll take a look at 6 one-room apartment layout ideas to get you thinking about your compact home. If you’re lacking rooms, then read on below and start planning your new home layout with confidence and motivation!

1. Low partitions

Low partitions are excellent for one-room apartments! We see these helpful additions utilised and incorporated in many different domestic setups, but they seem to work particularly well in studio homes. Essentially, studio dwellings desire a sense of privacy and segregation, but due to their less than commodious floor plan, are often left with a lack of concealment and seclusion. Half walls and dividers fix this, while still preserving the versatile openness of one-room homes. 

2. Open plan can be beautiful

Designers know the benefits of open plan layouts, and you should too! If you reside in a one-room home an open plan layout is a great way to create a beautiful dwelling that feels as luxurious as any other abode. 

Check out this example for inspiration, and pick apart the different elements to reorganised and design your compact residence. 

3. Go modular with your furniture

Modular furniture doesn't just look good it saves space too! Opt for some bespoke items that will ensure you dwelling functions in a seamless, practical and liveable fashion. Not sure where to begin? Check out this modular home that takes efficiency to the next level: A breathtaking modular home

4. Position your bed at the back of the room

Positioning your bed at the back of your one-room home can assist in its sense of spaciousness. If possible choose a bed that can be converted to a sofa, or folded up and out of sight. This example is a great indicator of what can be achieved with the bed at one end of the room, retaining an open sense of airiness, without foregoing a private sleeping area. 

5. Pick a neutral hue

Neutral hues don't just look great in large contemporary mansions; they also work particularly well in small studio abodes. Choose a timeless colour such as white, grey or cream and pair it with contrasting elements like the charcoal in this compact apartment space. 

6. Employ your walls effectively

Have you employed your walls to their fullest potential? If you are lacking space, your walls may offer the ideal spot to locate and situate shelving or decorative features. Go for a clutter free ambience and aesthetic in your home with wall-mounted shelving everywhere!

Do you think any of these ideas would work in your home? If you’d like to learn more about small home design, check out: A tiny apartment that will teach you how to use colour

Do you have any tips for one-room homeowners? Leave them below!

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