10 chic and simple ways to decorate your home entrance

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An area of dramatic impact and possibility, your entrance can easily determine your dwelling’s first impression for guests and visitors. For this reason, you need to pick the right style in order to create your desired aesthetic. 

Furniture should be considered, along with your choice of colours, wall finishes, storage and floors. Lighting is essential too, and creates mood that significantly affects your home’s ambience and atmosphere. 

We’ve collected 10 examples of great home interiors that will hopefully provide some ideas and inspiration to your newly updated entrance or corridor. Let’s check them out!

1. Terrific timber

Timber is the epitome of warmth and a welcoming, earthy ambience—so it makes sense to employ it in your most visited domestic space. Add wood to your entrance to evoke a sense of hospitality and timeless graciousness.

2. All-white for a compact space

The designers of this interior prove why white is the ultimate hue. Enduring and opulent, the setup provides a wall-mounted shelf, illuminated sconces and a small stool to sit and put on shoes or wait for other individuals.

3. A textured feature wall

Adding a textured feature wall is the perfect solution for a boring or uninspiring empty entrance wall! Take your cues from this example that is eye-catching, elegant and contemporary.

4. Classic and refined

A darker tone can offer more than a low-maintenance hue. Not just classic and graceful, this option is refined and adds depth to the overall design.

5. When colour makes all the difference. Modern and eye-catching

Do you like a little vibrancy in your life? If you do you're going to love this next example that demonstrates a bright scheme, with an eclectic gallery wall of mirrors and personalised pictures.

6. Modern and eye-catching

Simple and uncomplicated, this next entrance offers plenty of ideas for those looking to spruce up their home. Look at interesting hues, geometric rugs and bespoke storage to keep your space clutter free and clean. 

7. Opulence and sophistication

Perhaps you want something a little more timeless or opulent? This resplendent example offers high gloss marble textures as well as a crystal light fitting that illuminates the neutral striped wallpaper.

8. Attention-grabbing contrast

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Contrast adds drama and a bold ambience that is perfect for one's entrance. Try a chalkboard wall that family members or guests can add their personalised messages to, along with a hook for jackets and a bright stool to sit on.

9. Adding chairs

Chairs don't just look great, they also provide a comfy place for visitors to rest, while boosting the warm, welcoming aura within the space. 

10. Simple elegance

Sometimes simplicity is best. Choose an unfussy style that boasts minimalism, along with well-curated accessories and dramatic yet thoughtful appurtenances. 

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Would any of these ideas work for your home?

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