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Singapore is a tiny island nation of a mere 719 km², making it one of the most compact and condensed countries on this planet. With limited room to move, space definitely comes at a premium, which is why today’s dwelling is a breath of fresh air. Ming Architects have composed this dwelling known as the Courtyard House, and managed to tackle Singapore’s lack of space by undertaking their design with innovation and ingenuity. They’ve designed a stylish and strikingly modern residence that is also rather compact. A watershed piece of modern Singaporean design, this contemporary dwelling is both intriguing and alluring.

The house takes its cues from the landscape, with the designers working to bring the outside ‘inside’ while offering occupants a visually spectacular experience. Fluid and evolved, the courtyard to this property offers delineation between the monotony of linear domestic spaces. Three-storeys high this home is certainly not a small abode, yet manages to capitalise on its small plot size by building vertically.

Taking in some of the most glorious of Singapore’s scenery, the interior is a delight to behold, with its layered spaces that traverse one another with elegance. Are you ready to swoon? Let’s check it out below…

Cubist shapes and architectural forms

The architects of this incredible abode have definitely made the most of the plot, maximising every centimetre to ensure it includes a dramatic feature.

The front fence is a rich timber hue, which we’ll see continued in many of the individual living spaces. To contrast this, a stark white façade blends into the landscape, with plenty of large windows that we’re sure will be visible and well-utilised inside. Let’s take a peek…

Modern yet cosy interiors

The interior is seriously chic, surprising and wonderfully replete with a range of different hues. Many high-tech features are included, along with cosy yet contemporary furniture.

The large windows that sit to the side of the living space are dressed with blinds that can be closed to offer a cosy home theatre area if needed.

Double-height spaces

Beautifully alluring, graceful yet bold, this room ticks all our stylistic boxes! Is there anything more luxurious than double height interior living spaces? We don’t think so, and neither do the owners of this incredible home. In the central foyer and living area the ceilings are impossibly high, with the second storey seeming to float between the ground floor and roof.

Combating Singapore’s heat the designers have also included plenty of suspended ceiling fans that, when combined with pendant lights, are a far cry from typical, less attractive fans.

Forget about white ceilings!

As we saw on the façade, timber cladding has been employed to add warmth and soften the crisp white colour palette.

In this dining and kitchen the ceiling is this time clad with wood, producing a truly unique and eye-catching feature for the space.

The family friendly kitchen and dining room

From a different angle we’re able to see the way the kitchen has been split between two walls. On one wall the kitchen island is located. This boasts a white marble counter, large sinks and an opposite stove with Rorschach-esque marbled backsplash.

The adjacent wall contains the ovens, small appliances, shelving and bespoke joinery. All finished in a high gloss white hue, this setup is elegant, refined and ultra-luxurious.

Working with levels and textures

The home is split over three levels and offers occupants individual yet open plan domestic zones. The staircase that spans these three storeys is more than simply a perfunctory accessory, it is a feature. Standing out from the crowd with its dark black banister, timber stairs and stone wall, this is an unforgettable element in this daring abode.

The large and lavish master bedroom

The master bedroom is subdued yet no less extravagant. Here we simply see the large bed, along with a sneak peek into the dressing room and en suite beyond. White hues are the predominant shade employed throughout this dwelling, offering the occupants a serene aura of tranquility and purity.

An amazing en suite

Moving through the room we’re given a closer look at the dressing room, which boasts more of the white marble we’ve seen elsewhere, along with an incredible divider that offers sink space and preparation room.

Opulent textures in the bathroom

Another bathroom within this abode opts for darker hues and opulent textures. Marble is a favourite within this residence, and is employed extensively throughout the room. Mirror is another texture that we see in many of the rooms. Perfect for smaller spaces, the designers have incorporated this reflective surface to boost the perceived depth and spaciousness.

One last peek

Before we end the tour we head back outside to take another look at the dwelling in its entirety. The cubic Tetris-like forms are more obvious from a side perspective, contributing to a visually spectacular experience. What did you think? Did you like this huge Singapore home?

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