6 chic home decor styles (with photos to inspire you)

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Choosing a scheme for your living room is no easy feat. You want your space to feel welcoming, warm and to also reflect your aesthetic sensibilities or inner musings. Essentially your dwelling is a reflection of yourself, a mirror that displays who you are and what you cherish or hold close to your heart. For this reason picking finishes, fittings and furnishings can seem a more than daunting challenge.

If you’re planning a renovation, refurbishment or have just moved into a new home, we’re here to offer some suggestions. Of course, the finer details will come down to your specific tastes and preferences, but a little inspiration can assist in getting the process going. Want to check out our top 6 themes and schemes for your abode? We’ve also gathered a couple of inspirational examples for each style, which we think will help inspire your décor. Go on, check them out below!

1. Scandinavian and Nordic-inspired interior style

Scandinavian style is built on simplicity, versatility, comfort and practicality. If this is your chosen aesthetic you should opt for pieces of furniture that are crafted with quality and durability in mind, while still retaining a sense of minimal uncomplicated style. 

Colours should be subdued and elegant, while bright hues are also commonly added to pack a vivid punch in terms of eye-catching statement features. Slim architectural lines are often used in Scandinavian furniture, along with plenty of timber tones that soften the often harsh Nordic winter weather. 

Take a peek at a couple of our favourites below…

2. Café styled interiors

Café interiors are cosy gathering spaces within the home. If you like the vibe and aura of a social and public congregation place, a café interior might be for you.  Think coffee and tea drinking, reading books, contemplating life, delectable meals, chatting and wasting time. Think about your favourite café and try to emulate it in your own home. Stick to furniture and accessories that are durable and versatile, with an industrial edge if you so desire. Your interior should have a social ambience with plenty of open yet warm spaces. 

Ready to café your home? Check out a couple of ideas below…

3. Industrial-esque Brooklyn homes

Brooklyn is the epitome of industrial cool. Situated in New York, Brooklyn is synonymous with rejuvenated lofts, re-purposed living spaces and open plan studio homes. A gathering point for artists and designers, this locale boasts stylish restaurants, cafés, bars and innovative gallery spaces. Want to create this in your own abode? Think about incorporating vintage furniture, industrial items, accessories and warehouse-esque accoutrements. Leave walls exposed to reveal their raw beauty and opt for DIY furniture if you're on a budget. With a Brooklyn interior it's all about creating a unique, hip and refurbished space. 

Grab a few ideas below…

4. Minimalist beauty

Minimal interiors are timeless and beautiful. Whether you're a minimalist or not, there is something uniquely elegant about a space that functions with the bare basics. Simple and sophisticated, you should eliminate anything unnecessary and opt for functional spaces that gracefully austere. Avoid monotony by employing textural details in your walls, ceilings and floors, as well as picking your domestic accessories for their intrinsic beauty or aura. 

The interiors below might assist in providing a few ideas and tips, check them out…

5. Timelessly modern interiors

Mature and sophisticated a modern interior is what most adults aspire to create within their abodes. Decorated with furniture of fine quality, modern homes should feel luxurious, without being overly extravagant or showy. Colours are calm and sometimes bold, with linear designs and dramatic forms. 

Versatile and open to many different interpretations, we picked a couple of a favourites below.

6. Enduring antique aesthetics

When we speak of antiques, we are mostly referring to the original US legal definition of items that are handcrafted 100 years prior to the current date of sale. However, over time this has changed and now antiques can describe many old or vintage items that represent a past era. If you'd like your home to look fabulously rich in history and heritage you are going to want to get some antiques. Look for furniture, accessories and miscellaneous objet d-art from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century to boost your dwelling's sense of character. 

We've gathered a few example below to provide some assistance and a couple of ideas…

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Do you have a favourite interior scheme? Let us know below!

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