A tiny but practical apartment full of smart ideas

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Tiny homes can be some of the trickiest to design and decorate, but with such restriction often comes serious innovation. Today’s feature apartment does just that. Remodelled by the Inventia Group, this property has managed to take a compact abode and ensure it is comfortable and usable for contemporary 21st-century living.

Situated in Barcelona, the small flat comes with exceedingly narrow rooms, which were one of the most challenging issues during the refurbishment. Employing a light colour palette with vibrant accessories, the designers were able to ensure the dwelling not only felt welcoming, but larger than its originally perceived area.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to design and decorate your own tiny home, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s check out the rest of the residence below…

A modern, compact and inviting kitchen space

We start our tour of this compact abode in one of the most important domestic zones: the kitchen. Here we notice the designers have opted for a light colour scheme. This focuses one's attention on the clean, hygienic and crisp ambience, while distracting attention away from the size and condensed atmosphere of the room. 

To keep things interesting, timber joinery is added to the upper row of cupboards, matching the flooring and light aura of the space. Appliances are a little more bold with stainless steel and black doors. These contrast the all-white wall and ceiling combination within the room, as well as ensuring the scheme is balanced and cohesive.

Making the most of a tiny space

Most would look at this room and see a cramped, cloistered and crowded space. However, thanks to a complete overhaul, this living area is now welcoming, warm and liveable.

Furniture is timeless and hospitable, with a white dining table and chairs, along with a mushroom sofa and bright accessories. The wall colour is a slightly off-white hue, adding divergence between the ceiling spaces. 

Neutral and enduring, we think this colour scheme and associated furniture will truly stand the test of time!

A cosy bedroom

Entering the bedroom we see the same wall hue and ceiling colour as the living space. This continuation of shades ensures the entire house retains a sense of spaciousness, as well as feeling unified in its palette and decorative choices.

However, a bright bedspread keeps the room lively and vivacious, with a geometric patterns adding to the simple yet contemporary space. 

Additionally, a tiny workspace has been incorporated underneath the window. This contributes to the sense of practicality and usability of the room, and is ideal for someone who studies or regularly works from home. 

Characterful bathing

In the bathroom the scheme is yet again neutral and nice. Scandinavian in its simplicity, refined and charming stylistic details have been added, boosting the sense of character and charisma. 

Although compact, this room is more enjoyable than many of its larger counterparts. The tiles are a true standout feature, while the wall-mounted (floating) vanity with light timber tones is the icing on the cake.

More surprises

This dwelling is tiny—from its compact kitchen to its small bedroom, each space has had to be utilised to its full potential to maximise living area. However, there is one final surprise in store! The outdoor terrace adds a bonus living space for the abode. Replete with a timber dining setting, wooden deck and lush plants, this is a great place to gather friends for some food in the sun!

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Could you live in this tiny remodelled apartment? Let us know below!

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