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Tired of living in a cramped urban home? Here at homify, we aim to prove that small and narrow doesn't necessarily mean bland or cramped. Today's stunning home, a Japanese apartment, is both sleek and stylish with contemporary Scandinavian influences, as well as successful interior architecture that makes the most of a relatively small floor space. In city living, space can sometimes be at a premium. So let's take a tour inside and see if we can discover any fresh ideas to inspire us…

Front door and narrow facade

First up we see a very narrow porch and front door, and little space to work with (or so it would seem). From the outside we might not be expecting much! But then we gaze up towards more possibilities with the tiny balcony window feature. There must be more, we think. The little tree shooting up beside the front door adds character to this tiny shaded pathway. A tiny water feature such as a bird bath with water fountain would add a little bit of Zen, and a place to relax outside the apartment.

White hallway

A clever architectural feature allows storage space to be created on the right, as well as light to enter through tiny square windows above and below the stairway. This is the concealed stairway we couldn't see from the outside. The area is painted in white which reflects any available light, making things much brighter.

Upstairs landing

The top of this stairway is like reaching the top of a mountain! Space, light, and views. We are out of the confined downstairs area and into a real living space. Notice the delightful hanging carousel replete with little fishes, and the houseplant in a white clay pot to match the wall colour. The wooden flooring is very Scandinavian, while the black railing and window frame nods more to a Japanese aesthetic. This is a landing to be proud of!

Modern minimalistic living area

Stepping back from the landing, we're presented with a larger view and can see that this is a complete living area. There's a traditional Japanese feel to this room in its use of black and white and wooden flooring. Furniture is low to the ground, and as always, we have plants and flowers to let nature decorate as well as paint. Light is permitted thought the window high above, and of course, through the large corner windows. Would you have expected such a high ceiling when standing at the front door? 

View from the couch

Having come up the stairs with our back to the landing (so to speak), this is our first glimpse of the upstairs in its entirety. And what a pleasant surprise this is. Interior architecture done well! The slit window in the previous picture actually runs almost the length of this thin but elongated living space. Light bounces off the white walls and the beautiful use of pine-coloured wood serves to brighten everything. Punchy accent cushions sit on the long wooden storage units which are also practical benches for guests. In the distance, we see the dining area and another room…

Kitchen and dining space

The dining area is bright thanks to its abundant windows, which also reveal a small balcony. Wood is the choice of the interior designer, and works well in creating a natural and relaxing atmosphere. Lights with glossy black shades complement the white walls and black tea pot. Again, we observe the use of greenery in keeping the atmosphere fresh. 

A sunlit cooking space

Small and practical, stylish and modern. Easy to clean with lofty storage space and a cute little balcony for light and fresh air. What more could you ask for in a modern apartment in the busy city?

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Did you think the inside of this apartment would be so spacious?

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