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Archifacturing Industrial style corridor, hallway and stairs
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Today on homify we're exploring a very interesting little apartment, full of ideas you'll want to recreate yourself. The apartment has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, thanks in part by its many unique details and quality of materials. The industrial-style interiors are filled with excellent delicate touches, creating a pleasant and unusual mix. So if you're looking for kitchen, dining room or bedroom ideas that your friends will envy, then this house is sure to inspire!

Stunning craftsmanship

Many elements in this space are custom-made. To begin with, the sliding door has been created using iron and frosted glass. Welding is a craft on the decline, so this small example of clever craftsmanship, earns massive style points. Even the built-in bookshelf is tailored, put together beautifully with metal and wooden sheets. We love the outline lamp drawn onto the wall, too, for its quirk and charm.

Elegance is… a piano!

Opening our stylish sliding door, we find ourselves in the living room; a bright, relaxing space in hues of white and cream complemented by sleek black furnishings. Though not huge in size, it is well presented. One cannot fail to notice the piano! As well as having a very musical function it is also an element of great visual impact, dominating the room and impressing guests. Light colours brighten the environment, which focuses on simplicity and elegance.

Cheerful dining room

This rather uniquely-shaped room has been turned into a dining area. It might merely have been a hallway, but the creative interior designer has fitted a bench onto the wall and brought in a table long enough to fit three opposing chairs. This is the most distinctly industrial space (painted in grey), with chalkboard wall, iron lamps and yellow chairs in vintage style.

The perfect balance

This space, despite its predominantly industrial character, has a complementary delicacy. Pastel colours on the walls and abundant striped pillows give a feeling of absolute relaxation and hospitality. A truly delicious central feature given an intimacy by the overhanging lights which illuminate only a certain area.

Special spaces

Here we see the dining area from another angle. In one way it's a dining space; in another way it is still a hall we pass through to get to other rooms. As such, the designer has integrated a convenient built-in bookshelf to store their literary items and decorative pieces. The fabricated framed artwork at the rear really adds some spice!

Check out this Ideabook for more great ideas on how to turn your nooks and corners into special little spaces.

Simply chic bedroom

In the bedroom, the atmosphere becomes almost celestial, giving everything a more delicate and romantic feel. However, even here, there are some industrial elements, in keeping with the rest of the apartment.

It's all in the details

Opposite the bed there is a chalkboard wall, a fun idea and a useful element, as any mathematician, physicist or creative type will agree! The chair, chest of drawers, picture frame, solitary book and blackboard come together to create a pleasing whole. All in all, a very clever designer has been at work!

Have you ever seen so many mind-blowing design features in one small apartment?

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