7 chic ideas to brighten up your blank walls

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Once the construction of your home is complete, it's time to focus on furnishing and decorating it. But while doing so, many homeowners wonder how they can spice up their plain and boring surfaces. Blank white walls undoubtedly look dull and cold, but they also act as an excellent canvas for portraying your creative ideas. From an elegant coat of paint to some modern artworks, wall stickers or textured cladding… the options are endless. So check out these 7 exciting ideas, and say goodbye to lifeless walls forever!

1. Beautiful colours

Though it seems obvious, we cannot emphasise the power of colours enough. For instance, a wall in this stylish living space by the architects at Isabella Magalhães Arquitetura & Interiores was painted in lilac to complement the neutral-hued furniture, and it's utterly charming. You can also pick a bold hue if the rest of your room is finished in light, soothing tones.

2. Wall of art

Hanging artworks is a great idea to liven up plain walls. They will add character to your home and can be chosen according to the decor style. For instance, to make an interesting collage, simply pick your favourite family photos, black and white artworks, or abstract paintings, and pop them in a frame. There are endless possibilities here! First just decide what goes where, by placing the artworks on the floor before you hang them on the wall.

3. Stylish wall stickers

Wall stickers are easy to apply, remove, and the good quality ones won’t leave a mark on the wall, too. They come in numerous designs, shapes, sizes and colours, and can brighten up your wall in seconds.

4. Stone or brickwork

There’s nothing like a stone wall to lend your home some delightful rusticity, earthiness or industrial flavour. Opt for a red brick finish as seen here, or stick to natural or monochrome tones. A stone wall will also complement materials like concrete and wood with ease. If you don’t have a natural stone wall, feel free to pick textured wallpapers with stone prints.

5. Warm wooden wall

If you want warmth and cosiness for your interiors, a wooden wall or wall clad in wood is a great idea. Dark wood, as shown here, is ideal for a classic look, but can also go well with Scandinavian-style furniture and decor. For a country aesthetic, pick a lighter shade of untreated wood, or for an industrial look, medium dark wood with steel details will work wonders.

6. Practical shelves

Simple wooden shelves like these can not only spice up a blank wall, but also offer oodles of functionality. You can arrange accessories, books, candles or photos on them to add character and colour to your wall. These shelves are flexible, too, and their layout can be changed at your will. You can also decide the way they should be arranged, and pick colours that will either complement the wall or stand out boldly.

7. Creative vertical garden

Want to make a unique and refreshing statement? Go for a vertical garden full of greens or blossoms, as per your taste! Choose the size or height of the garden depending on how much time you can devote to its care, or how much space you have. Either way, it's sure to be a conversation-starter.

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