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Barcelona-based Dom Arquitectura recently rose to the challenge of breathing new life into this farmhouse in a tiny, 20-house village in La Cerdanya. The sprawling property, comprised of several buildings with a courtyard space in between, is a dream canvas for a designer looking to leave their mark on something historic. Set amidst rolling hills and lush green countryside, it comes fully equipped with all the ingredients of a wonderful place to live. All Dom Arquitectura had to do was add the detail…

An idyllic setting

This picturesque, old-fashioned village is the perfect setting for the countryside home many people dream of. Here, reality seems very distant indeed. 

The preservation of the past

Here we can see that the building has retained all of its original exterior features, and that they have been kept in perfect condition. It may seem from this view that the interior would be very rustic, very basic in its features, but as we'll see in a moment this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Full of life

Asymmetrical window placement and a slanted roof add heaps of life and character to this particular building. 

Modern features

Up close we can get a better look at those unusual sliding shutters and door, and appreciate the modern edge that these new features bring to this classic building. 

A place to bask

Elsewhere on the grounds, the rustic exposed structure of the sloped roof offers a  comfortingly old-fashioned covering to this sunny veranda.

Lighter living

One of several living areas scattered throughout the premises, this one offers a clear insight into the modern stylistic influences behind the look of the renovated property. Colours are kept light, bright and neutral, and although striking original features like the exposes beams have been retained, they've been painted to match the new look of the room. 

History on display

Using old sections of doors and shutters as a decorative feature is a stroke of genius, and a clear reminder—in this very current space—of the origins of this home.

Caged shades

Lights in a similar style to these unusual caged lamps will appear throughout the rest of the home, helping to create consistency throughout an interior that's very large and rambling.

The perfect shot

This is a shot that perfectly captures a lot of what this renovation project set out to achieve. The minimalist staircase in the foreground—seemingly folded out of wafer-thin metal—is so stripped back that, without any visible supports, it appears to levitate. In reality, it is of course secured to that beautiful section of wood in the background, and probably to the original stone wall behind. It's a perfect meeting of the old and the new. 

Modern mezzanine

The stairs lead up to this mezzanine, a very modern feature that still stays true to the traditional feel of the building's structure by having its wooden supports on show for all to see.

A nod to the old ways

A wood fireplace is, of course, a traditional feature, but this modern take on it is very much in the spirit of the rest of the home. The huge window on the far wall, meanwhile, provides the ideal accessory for this space: a breathtaking view. 

In captivity?

And, finally, there's that caged light again—this time next to a similarly caged staircase. As with the staircase we've already seen, the basic form of the steps themselves is crucial to the design of this piece. Whereas the other stairs used a thin, concertina-like design to highlight that, however, these ones do so by leaving the edge exposed on one side and by adding a border along the wall side. 

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