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Max Rollitt country house kitchen lynette Classic style kitchen
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Organising your storage space can be a tricky business. The majority of homes simply don’t come with enough of it; and even in the case of those that do, it’s rarely that correct balance is struck between concealed storage space and display storage space. It’s likely that, like most people, you have things you want to hide away and things you want the world to see.

Depending on what kind of person you are and what your interests and tastes are like, the latter category can include a whole host of different item types: ornaments, books, records, crockery, travel souvenirs and clothing are just a few of the things that you might have spent time collecting, and that deserve a suitably visible home within your home.

Fortunately – as ever – there are plenty of furniture designers who have addressed this need in a wide range of different, and creative, ways. Here are just a few pieces of furniture to help you put your favourite things on display.


Arranged in a higgledy-piggledy fashion, these individual shelves are perfect would make the perfect addition to a less serious bedroom or living room. They offer a fully customisable shelving option, and exercising your creativity by deciding exactly how many boxes to use, which shapes to use and how to arrange them would be a lot of fun. The separate nature of each box also helps to draw extra attention to its contents; rather than having all your beautiful objects squashed together on  a single set of shelves, each one gets the individual display case it deserves.

​The classic option

Max Rollitt country house kitchen lynette Classic style kitchen

Max Rollitt country house kitchen


In the kitchen, a classic dresser is always a good choice for showing off pretty plates, cups and other lovely things worthy of display. This one deviates from the traditional model in a few ways: its bright blue colour, which contrasts beautifully with the yellow behind; its missing back section, which allows the colour of the wall to show through; and its extra-tall height, which provides even more space for display. Otherwise, however, this dresser is a fairly typical country kitchen piece, making it ideal for housing traditional items such as fine china plates.


If you only want to show off a few things, a set of narrow shelves designed for display could work for you. In the case of this piece by Palettano, the shelves are too narrow to accommodate books or other larger items, so the shelves can only really be used for the purpose of storing decorative bits and pieces. 

​Fashion forward

Industrial Hall Stand - Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above - Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by homify Corridor, hallway & stairs Clothes hooks & stands

Industrial Hall Stand—Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above—Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by


For those whose wardrobes have been as carefully and lovingly collected over time as a collection of books or art, hiding away clothes would seem like a terrible waste. A simple clothes rail with drawer space underneath, like this one, is the solution for showing off your clothes even when you’re not wearing them.

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