From bleak to chic: the stylish makeover of a tiny home

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With more and more property buyers seeking sleek, modern homes, selling old houses has become challenging. And if the house you're planning to sell looks aged, drab or cluttered, you're less likely to get a good price or the right buyer. But the good news is, you can easily get your residence tidied up and aesthetically transformed by home staging professionals!

To inspire you, we present this home makeover project undertaken by the home stagers at Raum²—Wir Machen Wohnen. Previously, this abode was dull, messy and lacked personality or warmth. But by introducing fresh hues, cosy materials, chic furniture and stylish lights, a dramatic new look was achieved! Read on to see what happened…

Before: lifeless living room

Plain walls, a nondescript floor and lack of furniture, colour or character made this living room look uninviting and uninhabitable. The only plus was the large window which brought in tons of natural light.

After: classy and cosy

Chic yet simple furniture now makes the living room welcoming and sleek. The natural wooden flooring ensures warmth, while black and white geometrical patterns on the rug and cushion lend visual interest. Stylish lamps and sheer drapes add to the relaxing ambiance.

Before: messy balcony

Though not small in size, the balcony suffered from clutter and lack of original touches. The colour palette was in need of an update, too.

After: simple but beautiful

A fresh coat of white paint and sleek, trendy furniture pieces make this balcony beautiful and comfortable. Cosy textiles, jar-shaped lamps and a chic white ladder holding potted plants add to the visual appeal.

Before: scary bathroom

Garish red fittings, too many buckets, and cluttered cleaning supplies made this bathroom outright offensive. A serious upgrade was needed.

After: retro and chic

Though the tiles were retained in the bathroom, new white fixtures were introduced for an elegant and soothing look. Practical wooden shelves and a towel stand were also brought in to control clutter, and the unsightly buckets were removed. Candles and a jute bathmat add to the retro-chic aesthetic, too.

Before: unsightly bedroom

Dilapidated walls, shabby floor and an imposing ceiling did nothing to make this bedroom feel restful. Romance was also out of the question.

After: serene sanctuary

Furnished in pale neutral hues with refreshing white walls, the bedroom now looks spacious and comfy. The plush carpet, soft cushions, easel and a simple workstation make this room practical and soothing. A pretty ceiling lamp lends charm to the setting, while the setup indicates that the inhabitant has everything they need in this space.

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