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Just across the valley of Saugatuck River, Connecticut, Weston Residence stands wrapped in lush vegetation. Though discreet in its beauty, Weston has a considerable fan following. Allured by its natural charm, celebrities like Robert Redford, Bette Davis and Erica Jong used to come here often. Like many other nature homes of the area, Weston Residence strives not to jeopardise the ecological balance. But unlike many, it uses nature as its embellishment, an accessory to its design rather than innocent bystander.

When it comes to admiring the surroundings right from one’s patio, the owners of the Weston Residence seem to be spoilt for choices. The undulations of Connecticut’s hilly terrain, dense woods as well as the lyricism of flowing water wait for their salutations all through the day. Despite its adorable looks, Weston Residence is utterly simple in its planning, but we all know how difficult it is to be simple. 

Join us on this tour of the house and experience for yourself how Weston Residence managed to avoid falling into the trap of trying to compete with nature’s beauty.

Exterior of the house

Weston Residence is a brainchild of Specht Harpman’s team of architects and designers. The house occupies a generous 223 sq meters’ area and is spread over two levels. Panoramic glass windows afford excellent views of the garden and the deep, dark woods beyond. Outdoor heated swimming pool and lounge area offer spaces for relaxation with close friends and family members. Like Scandinavian sod roofs, the green roof offers added insulation and integrates greenery at every possible nook and corner of the house itself. It tends to aid a smooth transition between nature and a contemporary glass and concrete set up as well.

Living room

Weston Residence not only believes in the power of minimalism but literally lives it. The interior of the house is stripped down to the bare essentials. Subdued tones play a prominent role throughout the building. The sofas are upholstered in organic fabric in beige tone and cushions wear grey masks with subtle geometric patterns. The only dash of colour is produced by the bright yellow throws. The blazing fire in a glass back fireplace adds a sense of drama too.

Modern industrial kitchen

Open plan kitchen shares the same space as the living room. Clean and contemporary steel kitchen counter, island, table and other fittings in premium quality make modern comfort easily accessible even in a secluded spot like this. Wood textured partitions, doors and stair counterpoise the shine of steel and glass surfaces.

Casual dining area

The dining area is equally modest in its appearance. A glass top round table is surrounded by chairs, upholstered in a slightly more detailed motif in black, white and smokey brown. The chic glass chandelier perfectly blends with the other elements of this open living cum dining area and kitchen. It adds a cheerful note as well.

A bedroom with all the comforts one needs

One peculiarity of Weston Residence is that there is hardly any existence of traditional walls. The entire space is neatly partitioned off into various private and entertainment areas essential for such a home as this. The bedroom follows this rather unusual design ideal. Like other furniture of the house, the bed possesses barely any ornamentation. The side table is also nothing but a drawer with a lid hanging from the wall. The only other accessories here are a fireplace and a wardrobe, slightly less discreet than the earlier. The designers were determined not to interfere with the natural beauty of the neighbouring verdure and they followed this to the core.

Stunning terrace

The terrace gives an additional opportunity of soaking into the glorious sunshine on warmer days, arrange small parties and entertain guests or enjoy a brunch only in the company of trees, flowers and birds. From this angle you can also see the green roof of the house. This is a clever design tactic to insulate the house and also allow the area to flow with clean air and oxygen.

A gorgeous backyard onto the river

In a shaded place like this one can really have the pleasure of unleashing the inner poet or perhaps sing a song following the rhythm of the running brook. After all, even in the absence of any other human being one will not feel any lack of appreciative audience here. 

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An eco-friendly sustainable design, minimalist decor and surrounding greenery set Weston Residence designed by Specht Harpman Architects apart from...

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