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いえラボ Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
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Compact doesn't have to mean cluttered or cramped. In fact, by adopting some imaginative storage tricks and ideas, you might find a smaller apartment actually looks more spacious than a larger one. But how do we achieve this with a young family factored in? Let's face it; toys, shoes and clothes seem to have a mind of their own. And how do we create a peaceful office space when we also need a playroom? Fret not! Today at homify, we have a fine example of a compact home for a young family which finds a healthy balance between all these factors. Let's take a closer look…

Open-plan setup

Here we see the front door leading into the open-plan living space. This comprises a dining table (set up for a toddler) and is nicely cordoned off by a waist-high wall to separate the kitchen area. There's even a little book shelf built into this wall to give extra storage space; a cute idea that adds style points. The white walls are complemented brilliantly by the teal coloured front door and wooden slat wardrobe. The area is given a certain easy elegance thanks to the hard wood flooring and cream coloured chairs. And guess what? There's no clutter here at all.

Minimalist and clean

See how a simple design feature adds so much to the room. This thin dark wooden beam set against white really breaks up the clean palette in a most natural and refined way. 

In most kitchens you'll find lots of items dotted around here, there and everywhere. Seasonings, coffee makers, knives, pots and pans, to name but a few. But here we see the advantage of storing things neatly away, and of having clean, sparse counters. 

Decorative touches

It's the small things that count, as they say. A vacant shelf has become a miniature artistic triumph with these excellent wooden carvings. The tiny jug containing a vibrant plant is a stroke of genius, giving character points and insight into the owners' creative personality.

You'll need the services of a decent joiner to create built-in shelves like these ones.

Playroom by day, study by night

This is a great example of an effective multifunctional living space. We love the chessboard-style mat flooring! The children's area is not a wild or chaotic, and their parents have wisely chosen to adopt functional storage to keep toys safe when not in use. The partition window is a lovely touch, making sure the family are never out of view. The room is neatly sectioned off by the back of the living room couch. 

Archways and clever storage

Another striking feature is this little adjoining area, which the owners have chosen to use as a utility room (on the left) and a shoe closet (on the right.) But let's look at the little things again; the wooden sash window frame becomes a clever piece of decor, as does the tiny stool. There's also a hint of French country style with the use of the tiles and wood, together with the whitewashed walls and archways. 

Bathroom lighting

This fantastic little alcove gives a warm, intimate light from the overhanging wall-mounted lamp. Notice the tiny tree decoration by the sink, and the built-in wooden shelves, which (along with the mirror frame), give a country-style vibe. It's a tiny area but so well done that it can't fail to impress!

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