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Gardens can improve a home tenfold. Not only are they a space for comfortable rest and relaxation, but they work beautifully in exuding class, grace, and a lively aesthetic. Not all gardens need to be well-trimmed, fancy, and oozing appeal. In fact, we here at homify love an organic outdoor space that maximises comfort, and provides a place for stylish recreation. Do you have a garden area that needs a little tender loving care? Or perhaps you are an apartment dweller who wants to create a fabulous mini garden on your terrace or within your courtyard?

Luckily homify is here to help! We have collated several handy hints that we believe drastically contribute to the overall feeling of garden harmony and heaven. If you need a little inspiration, and some ideas to transform your outdoor space from drab to fab, read on for some tips!

Choose a fabulous and practical dining setting

When you have a garden, balcony, terrace, courtyard, or indeed any type of outdoor space, you are most likely going to want to make the most out of it. And what is the best way to do this? Install a dining table. Dining settings instantly draw individuals outside, provide a practical space to eat, and look wonderful too. They can offer an entertainment for hosting soirées, shindigs, and parties, while also simply providing a place to eat dinner within the serenity of your own personal outdoor space.

When choosing a table and chairs, you should pick something that is comfortable and practical. It’s all well and good to have your heart set of a beautiful antique timber setting with iron lacework chairs, but if it isn't practical you shouldn't buy it.  Timber can look beautiful, but if your space is exposed to heavy rain and sunshine (like Singapore), you might want to reconsider. Additionally, wrought iron can look gorgeous and last a lifetime, but is often extremely heavy, difficult to manoeuvre (especially on grass), and can lead to frustration and in turn, disuse. Pick easy lightweight, and low maintenance furniture for handy, serviceable, and stylish alfresco dining.

Choose a feature chair

This next point works particular well for all of your apartment dwellers out there. Who says your balcony cannot function as your own private outdoor garden? In our minds, a terrace, balcony, or patio is just as good as a garden, and offers plenty of design related options. One of these options is the inclusion of a statement chair.

A statement chair can take many different shapes or forms, but in this example, it is a striking hanging armchair, which looks as sumptuous as it is practical. Paired with a living green wall, the area embraces city living, but juxtaposes it against an area of chic serenity and relaxation. Depending on your space, check out the different outdoor chair options available. There exists a plethora of designs such as banana loungers, deck chairs, sofa chairs, bean bags, and hammocks. Think outside of the box and create an enticing area with a statement chair.

A fabulous fire pit

KUB Garden Fire pits & barbecues

There is no other easier way to enhance your garden and gather individuals that a fabulous fire pit. Not necessarily needed for heat, a fire pit is simply a fabulous way to create mood and ambience within your garden. Watching the gorgeously intricate flames jump and leap about is sure to entice and enthral, as well as the crackle of freshly charred timber.

Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes, and there is almost definitely a pit to suit your space. If you live in an apartment, and want to increase the appeal of your mini ‘garden’ consider a kerosene burner with glass surround. These don’t smoke, avoiding any nasty encounters with neighbours whose laundry might end up smelling like cooked wood. However, if you are lucky enough to have a private space of earth, why not go all out with the real deal? Nothing quite compares to the smell, feel, and look of a true fire pit, and within your garden it is sure to turn heads!

Choosing the right plants is essential

When discussing the appeal and success of a garden, there is one thing that can truly make or break a space, and that is the plants. Plants are at the heart of a garden, they are the essence, the appeal, and the determining factor of victory over failure. But which plants to choose? And how does one know when and where to plant? 

The key thing to consider is the overall style and design of your space. What is your theme, and what is the vibe and ambience you are hoping to achieve? If your idea is cohesive and simple such as ‘Japanese Zen garden’ or ‘idyllic island getaway’, then you should have a fairly good idea of the plants needed. For Japanese gardens, a little internet research will instantly lead you to varieties such as Japanese maples, and cherry trees, while an island design might warrant different bamboos, palms, and ferns. Either way, head down to your local nursery and speak to somebody knowledgeable. Furthermore, and seeing as though plants are so crucial, chat to a professional landscape designer to get the layout right before you start planting.

Consider a pathway to add interest

A path instantly creates interest as it leads the eyes to a focal point and attention grabbing feature. Therefore, if you only have a small garden space, you might want to think about installing some neat tiles or stones that will immediately create a way for people to enter the garden, check it out, and enjoy the scenery. 

This example is fabulously inventive for its size, and embraces the compact area with a path. Allowing the individual to walk and meander through the space instantly increases its value, and provides a stylish domestic addition.

Last, but certainly not least, is the lighting

Lighting is crucial if you intend to utilise your garden during the evening. Lights add mood, and can produce a thoroughly enjoyable experience, often quite different from the same space in the day time. There are also numerous options and design choices, which will create different vibes and ambient conditions within the space.

If you have statement or noteworthy trees, you should consider illuminating them with a spotlight. If you have lawn space, small solar powered lanterns can save you electricity, while illuminating paths and other walkways.

We hope our Ideaboook provided you with a few handy tips and tricks, if you would like to continue reading, check out: 6 tips to make your garden the place to hang out!

Do you have any other tips to create a stylish garden for our readers? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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