The 115m² flat decked in fresh, bright neutrals

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思維空間設計 Minimalist study/office
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Are you ready to enter the K-House? Planned and composed by Taichung City-based Thinking Design, this incredible 115 m² residence is elegant, refined and truly beautiful. Opting for a timber-clad interior, the apartment plays on the natural light to incorporate a visually spectacular array of angles, shapes and forms that reflect the external environment. 

The interplay between the different textures and tones evokes a sensuous ambience, and one of complete tranquility. Sleek, chic and undeniably beautiful, we’re proud today to take you inside this home, where we’re sure you’ll glean a few tips and tricks for your own abode. Ready to take a peek? Let’s check out this gorgeous home below…

The large and light living room

As we enter the home we're able to see the gorgeous light timber cladding that has been employed throughout. Situated on the left-hand side wall, the veneer works in multiple ways to reflect yet dapple the light, while offering a handy array of built-in shelves. 

Furthermore, the flooring matches this wall cladding, contributing to a neutral, almost monochromatic aesthetic. Throughout this design we're absolutely amazed by how timeless this apartment feels. Although it boasts its fair share of edgy furniture and decor, it's enduring and age-defiant. 

A bright, organised and stylish entrance

Turning around to check out the entrance to this apartment, we see that the features and benefits of this home don't stop there. More built-in shelving has been installed for convenience, while interesting tiles have been added to evoke a sense of personality. 

Here there is also a small table, which could be used for dining with friends, or for the children to complete their homework. Decorative elements are minimal, leaving a sense of cleanliness and chic austerity. 

A handy home office or study space

Situated just behind the sofa sits the small yet practical home workspace. This offers the ideal spot for some breakfast or evening reading, and is well positioned to utilise the shelving behind. A simple freestanding lamp also offers dimmed illumination, meaning individuals can sit in the living room without feeling disturbed by someone reading or working. 

Working with light

As we focus our attention through the hallway and into the end room we notice the interplay between rays of light and shadows. Whether or not this was purposeful, the room boasts a wonderfully eye-catching collection of interesting shapes and moving forms. At the end of the corridor we also see a single work of art poised atop the console table. Adding this creates a focal point for the interior, and ensures one's eyes have something interesting to highlight. 

A minimalist bedroom

Taking a quick peek inside the bedroom reveals a minimalist design, where furniture and accessories are limited. By reducing the number of items in these sleeping quarters the designers were able to create a tranquil space filled with serenity and free from distraction. As an added bonus the bed facing wall offers huge wardrobes that ensure there is enough room for all garments and living appurtenances.

Utilising every corner, wall and nook

In order to make this a truly usable and liveable home, the designers have incorporated extras and elements wherever possible. As we focus our attention on the central and hallway walls, we see that they're covered with timber shelving that adds a functional and also beautiful feature. 

In this instance the back wall has been painted a dark charcoal hue. This helps the shelving stand out as an artwork in its own right, while also helping the actual wall recede and reduce its impact on the room.

Wonderfully curated accessories

One of the best things about this dwelling is the attention to detail when it comes to the accessories and ornamentation. Curated to perfection, the colours that have been used embrace the subdued and tranquil ambience throughout the house, while the lush plants add verve and vigour to the simple yet impressive design. 

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Are you a minimalist or maximalist? Let us know in the comments below!

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