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Neutral interiors are great – they offer timelessness, elegance, sophistication and an endless feeling of classic age-defiance. However, they are often rather boring. If you’re sick and tired of the same sandy hues, cream tones and fresh bright white shades, then today’s apartment might be the cure. Inspired by bright contrasting hues, lush foliage, earthy textures and shabby chic aesthetics, this residence is unique, eye-catching and fun!

A serious breath of fresh air, this home has been designed by São Paulo-based designer Duda Senna, and is full of wonderful tips and tricks you can emulate in your own abode. Modern and innovative, the newly renovated dwelling is rich in personality, while reflecting the tastes and preferences of the owners. If you’d like to join our tour, read on and explore this home below.

The lush dining room with plenty of colourful charm

The first room we're taking a look at is actually the balcony, which has been transformed into a living space. Boasting a colourful, shabby-chic aesthetic, the area is characterful, charming and bursting with life.

Instead of leaving the balcony open and airy, sliding glass doors have been added to protect the interior from inclement weather. Light coloured blinds ensure the room is suitably private, while allowing plenty of light to enter and keep the space bright.

The multi-purpose TV room

In the other main section of the home we see the living area and kitchen. This multi-purpose space is definitely an eye-opener to what can be achieved in such a small space.

The central island unit separates the living zone from the cooking area, while ensuring the two places are unified and cohesively designed. Timber softens the overall ambience, while the light colour scheme and neutral sofa act in a recessive manner. 

The colourful kitchen

Turning around to check out the kitchen in more detail we immediately notice the bright yellow refrigerator. This appliance is a standout feature within the room, and is further enhanced by recessed lighting in a calming amber hue. 

There are so many fabulous features in this space, it's hard to know where to start! First of all the television is mounted on a swivel pole, meaning individuals can watch in the living room, at the breakfast bar, or even in the kitchen. The joinery is sleek and minimalist, but given a rustic touch thanks to the brick backsplash. 

The secondary kitchen space

For added convenience, a further worktop space has been added to the dining room and balcony area of the home. This features a sink, along with plenty of storage.  

A cosy snug for relaxing

If we turn around we're able to check out the small living room snug that sits in the corner of this large living space. Employing a modular design has worked well in this case, working with the shape and size of this room, rather than against it. 

Maximising greenery

One of the best elements and features inside this home is the sheer number of plants that have been added. Contributing a lush and welcoming ambience, these plants purify the air, detoxifying and improving life for the dwelling's occupants. 

In addition to adding energy and verve, the plants are also a bright accessory, which looks great with the bright retro furniture.

The master bedroom

Replete with sensuous hues and eye-catching accessories, this gorgeous sleeping space is sure to evoke feelings of relaxation and restfulness. The bed linen is soft and welcoming, while the hanging side lamps save space as well as add a touch of charismatic charm.

The handy home office

Although the master bed appears to take up most of the space within the room, the designers have worked creatively to add a small home office and study zone. Along with this practical addition, the bespoke joinery also adds plenty of storage space for garments, accessories and appurtenances. 

The sleek white bathroom

In the bathroom we notice that the overall scheme is crisp titanium white, with a few bright accessories to add drama and energy. Wall art and flowers break up the monotony of an all-white palette, while infusing personalised touches and individuality. 

A friendly guest room or child's bedroom

The small guest room is rather inviting thanks to its pastel blue wall and recessed lighting. Adding a false ceiling such as this ensures the light entering the space is dappled and indirect, producing a welcoming and warm ambience.

A secondary bathroom in bright hues

The second bathroom is somewhat brighter than the first. Blue and white tiles ensure the space feels creative and serene, while the timber vanity reflects the timber that has been employed throughout the abode. 

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