Mom's house: a cute 70m² penthouse in Korea

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Today on homify, we have a great little modern apartment for an older person or couple. It comes complete with contemporary open-plan living and stylish features like a breakfast bar and wall-to-wall marble tiling in the bathroom. Its central location means you're within easy reach of theaters and restaurants, and the rooftop garden is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the afternoon sun in absolute privacy and comfort. It's a place the grandkids will love to visit and it's big enough to have guests around for short stay too. Let's take a tour inside and see more!

Roof-top bliss

Offering an idyllic haven in the middle of the busy city, this rooftop garden is a great place to unwind. Sleek grey slab paving and pebble stones mean you won't have to bend your back gardening or spend hours maintaining a pristine lawn. The tree plot will give some added colour and a little dose of nature. This rear-facing garden is protected by high fences all around to ensure your privacy. Notice the sliding patio doors to the living area, perfect for those warm summer days. The bedroom doors also open up meaning you can step outside first thing in the morning should you wish…

If you're really looking to spruce up your garden or terrace area, check out this ideabook for some gorgeous inspiration!

Open-plan living and dining

In a compact apartment, it makes sense to adopt an open-plan living arrangement to increase the sense of space. Here we can see a semi-aquatic colour scheme, using the large royal blue rug and sleek tiles of the breakfast bar which complement the white walls and counters. The sailing theme is also continued in the use of wood in the living area and the high breakfast bar stools. The kitchen is fitted with all modern appliances which are low set to make an older persons life easier. We also see some very modern strip lighting as a border around the ceiling which gives a consistent area of illumination rather than just a corner or two, as is the case with lamps.

Living area and garden

These large patio doors not only give excellent light during daytime, but also increase the perceived sense of space in the apartment. Even just knowing we can stroll outside into a rooftop garden adds much to the value of the apartment. We are not trapped. There is a place to put a table and chairs and a sun lounger if we wish! Having the option to eat outside is beneficial and creates a more relaxed environment in which to drink out first coffee of the day and read the morning news. In the back, we also have some easily maintained potted plants and shrubs which give some natural life to the area.

Looking inside, notice the rather unique wall-mounted lighting. The arms of the these lights can be moved and manipulated according to your desires. We have a very modern in-built TV and entertainment system. Definitely inspired by chic-Scandinavian design. A perfect place to watch the tennis or favourite programmes.

Master bedroom with a view

The interior designer has taken a minimalist approach to the apartment, with some ultra-modern features like the in-built ceiling air conditioning system. The rustic wooden flooring and white walls of the living room are incorporated here to great effect, producing a bedroom which exudes calm and tranquility. Rather than having only a window, we love the option of stepping outside onto the paving stones of the roof top garden. Surely something everyone will want to do in summer!

Mini bathroom

No space in this apartment is wasted. Here we have a small mini-bath done completely in white, with a gorgeous wooden floor and matching stool which gives the area very pure quality. Thanks to the large, illuminated mirror, this tiny washroom is ideal for applying make-up and possibly morning wake-ups with a quick splash of nourishing cold water. 

Wall-to-wall tiling

This bathroom has quite a Moroccan feel to it. The sand-coloured tiling is wall to wall and goes all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The rectangular sink basin is a contemporary touch, as are the looping silver faucets of the bath. The toilet itself is designed to be easy to to use for older people, and a stylish beam of light behind the toilet and sink unit (which also hides the pipes) completes the look, offering enough light to see without being offensive to the eyes.

Can you imagine your mama living here?

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