5 tricks to make your tiny apartment super stylish

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DIKA estudio Mediterranean style kitchen
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You don't need to have a massive apartment for it to be hugely stylish, well-considered and perfectly accessorised, but just in case you don't believe us, we are going to prove it to you today! 

Ask any interior designer and they will tell you that the key to successfully furnishing a small apartment is to look for innovative solutions that will give you all the storage you need, but without swallowing up valuable floor space. They'll also tell you that the right ambience, through effective lighting, can make a world of difference. 

But we think that pictures can tell you so much more than words, so how about we show you some super spaces that will definitely inspire you? 

1. Use colour to define separate areas.

Small homes, such as studio spaces, will usually follow a very open-plan scheme, to try and maximise the perceived area, but if you want to add in a little definition, you need to use colour! Something as simple as a vibrant feature wall will define functionality in an instant and need to extra internal divides!

2. Use LED recessed lights to create ambience.

Statement lighting is all very well and good, but in a small home, you need to be a little more savvy with how you use the ceiling height of your rooms. Take a look at this kitchen and you'll see that recessed LED lighting looks amazing, offers as much illumination as you'd ever need and doesn't shrink the ceiling height. Genius!

3. Wall-mount bedside lamps, to save space.

Bedside lamps are a must for a softer mood in your boudoir, but they have a habit of taking up all of your table space! Mount them on the wall instead, for a sleek and modern look that wastes no storage potential.

4. Have a shelf instead of a headboard.

Your bedroom is a hive of potential space-savvy solutions! Instead of a cumbersome headboard, which could make your room look and feel smaller, opt for a shelf on the wall, where you can display some art or belongings. It will look trendier than a headboard and give you extra storage too!

5. Use small tables instead of cabinets!

Negating bedside cabinets might sound silly, but if you choose simple, small tables instead, they can be moved as and when you want to! Perfect for when you need a little extra space and if you have your lights on the wall, like we suggested, you'll not struggle at all!

For more small home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: One small apartment with 11 ingenious ideas.

Which of these ideas can you see yourself trying out?

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