The Amazing Treehouse on Stilts

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IR arquitectura Tropical style bedroom Bamboo Wood effect
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Evoking the hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia and South America, bamboo construction has long been utilised to build homes that withstand many of the challenging conditions seen throughout tropical countries. Fast-growing, tough, and highly versatile, bamboo is ideal for many different styles of construction. As a building material in its natural form, it can be employed to construct treehouses, stilt homes, and other shack-like dwellings. Alternatively, and seen regularly in Japanese architecture, bamboo is incorporated as a decorative feature, such as fencing, fountains, grates, or gutters. 

Designed by the team at IR Arquitectura, this property situated in Morro de San Pablo, Bahía, Brazil, is unlike anything you will have seen! Boasting sturdy bamboo construction the space features open living areas, stylish furniture, living roofs, solar thermal heating, along with a host of other energy saving elements. By reducing the carbon footprint of the structure, the dwelling offers an environmentally friendly alternative to properties that often standout in a negative way upon the landscape. 

If you would like to take a look inside, check out the images below, and transport yourself to the humid, sweltering, yet idyllic tropical jungles of Brazil. 

A bold yet in-keeping façade

If you have ever felt that you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the place! Secluded within the Brazilian rainforest, this dwelling features a bold façade that works beautifully with the exterior ambience. 

As we take a look at the property from below, looking upward the strong bamboo pylons are visible. Additionally, we see the thatched roof, commonly employed in many traditional forest structures. The walls are translucent, providing a more modern touch to the normally open building, adding a little elegant luxury. The entire structure looks effortlessly integrated with the surrounding landscape, and seamlessly offers a well-crafted abode. 

The property itself is built with complete water-tightness, and is environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint. Utilised as a guesthouse and residence, this house is constructed within a jungle and bamboo plantation, and works wonderfully to integrate eco-tourism into the area. 

Traditional construction

Built using a traditional method of construction, this property takes the best elements from historic building, and blends them with more contemporary features to provide a comfortable and long lasting structure. 

The large space underneath allows for flooding, and offers an area for monsoonal rains to pass around the house unhindered. The form of the foundation is built to maximise the structure of the landscape, creating an effortless juxtaposition between the natural environment and the building. 

Open, airy living spaces

As we enter the interior of the home, we see a gorgeous living dining space that blends heritage with modernity. The space is clean and sleek, with the translucent walls even more visible from this vantage. 

Light filters throughout the interior, drifting in from the upstairs mezzanine space. The living spaces are exceptionally open and spacious, offering the occupant a stylish yet casual area to rest and relax. The flooring is of particular interest with its geometric shapes, and soft pastel hues. 

A neat and compact cooking space

Next up we have the cooking area. Replete with matching bamboo, and stainless steel accessories, this kitchen is designed to allow individuals to gather around, and maximises the sense of social inclusiveness. 

One of the most exciting elements within this cooking space is the light that hangs down over the bench area. The long piece of bamboo has lights recessed within, and provides a more direct light, as well as illumination during the evening. 

This image gives us a great idea regarding the scope and size of the interior treehouse space. The bamboo skeleton within the room adds charm and character, exuding tropical refinement and a delicate rustic elegance. The flooring is practical and contemporary, imparting a low-maintenance almost industrial aesthetic. 

Maximising natural light

One of the biggest problems with completely enclosed buildings that are situated within a dense forest is natural light. Although light penetrates the interior through the windows, it can often be difficult to ensure enough illumination reaches the inner nooks and darker corners. 

In this image we see the roof light, which has been included to ensure the room is bright, light, and airy. Additionally, the ceiling is a maze-like framework of bamboo joists and beams that create an intriguing and truly beautiful pattern within the domestic living zones. 

Seat with a view

Imagine sitting within a treehouse, slowly taking in the serene tranquillity, all the while looking out over a truly spectacular rainforest. That is the reality of this property, it is an amazing experience, coupled with comfortable and practical interior design. An unbelievably located abode, this corner seating space is evocative of lazy summer days spent resting, and staying cool within the breezy confines of sophisticated accommodation. 

The incorporated seating allows the occupant to make the most of the transparent walls, enhancing the gorgeous exterior landscape, while staying protected from animals and insects. Moreover, each bamboo element has been carefully considered, and constructed with extremely high quality fittings, and an astute attention to detail. 

Hidden amongst the foliage

As we take one last look at the dwelling before ending our tour we see the way the structure is able to camouflage itself within the dense rainforest. Almost invisible, the property is a beautiful demonstration of how one can create a sympathetic dwelling that works with the surrounding landscape, rather than against it. The hut features modern conveniences, while being paired with more traditional elements. 

Perched upon the side of the hill, the stilts allows the dwelling to take advantage of its topographical situation, and actually offers an interesting view to the scenic panorama below. Simple and timeless, this is one property that we are unlikely to forget!

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Would you enjoy a weekend away within this lush tropical treehouse? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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