An Intriguing Geometric House with a Minimal Interior

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Viktor Filimonow Architekt in München Modern houses
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Today on homify we are taking a trip to the historically individual and highly recognisable German state of Bavaria. Boasting an extremely unique national identity, the Bavarian people have forged over many years an authentic sense of self. This emanates throughout their architecture, with designs ranging from traditional homes with extensive flourishes, to modern contemporary residences. 

The house we are touring today is the latter—a simple yet sleek abode, which maximises geometric lines and strong design forms. With a tight budget, the home needed to be designed with a minimalist yet family oriented approach. Situated in Waldkraiburg, in the district of Mühldorf, the dwelling is uncomplicated, with an air of style and panache. Designed by Viktor Filimonoff, the house embraces a considered aesthetic, with the owners contributing their thoughts and custom made furniture. 

If you would like to take a peek inside this chic and sleek home, check out the images below, and experience the effortless relaxation of a well-designed and styled residence. 

Bold geometric lines

The first image presents us with a view of the rear façade of the house. The exterior is bold, bright, and ultra-sleek. Geometric in its shape and form, the dwelling looks elegant and impressive, a far-cry from the rather tight budget the architects and client stipulated. One of the most noticeable features of the residence is the bright white colour scheme, which brightens the surrounding landscape, and works wonderfully to create a stylish and sophisticated structure. 

Interspersed between the stark white render, several windows provide natural illumination for the interior, adding contrast to the façade. The lawn area is enhanced with a huge piece of glazing, imparting a sense of modernity and refinement. 

A light-filled entrance

The surprising interior is beautifully light-filled and elegant. Similar to the exterior fascia, the hall and entrance features a white colour scheme, with neutral muted tones. To the right we see the staircase leading upstairs, and the left a large and open plan living room

The inside of the dwelling is simple and contemporary, boasting timber laminate floors, and recessed downlights. Also visible are the built-in cupboards and storage, which provides the house with ample drawers and shelves for all manner of household miscellany. 

Minimalist warmth

Throughout the home minimalism is a key design and stylistic choice that appeals to a wide range of aesthetic sensibilities. In addition to providing the dwelling with a chic sense of effortless panache. Low-maintenance, as well as seamlessly integrated with the contemporary ambience, this minimalist approach brings a sense of elegance to the interior. 

In this image we see the fireplace that has been recessed into the wall, adding to the sleek appearance of the domestic space. The wall is white, and the fire is bordered by a thick black frame. Additionally, a small basket sits to the left, and injects a rustic vibe and appearance. 

Bespoke features

The house is a wonderful illustration and demonstration of how to include in-built cupboards, which can be utilised to provide ample storage space, as well as other uses. As we enter the bedroom, the colour palette is white, bright, with custom designed joinery that adds a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic. 

The desk sits below the window, offering the occupant an inspirational place to work. Elegant and refined in its design, this Scandinavian-esque space is modular, making the most of the floorplan. The stairs are hollow, allowing for a multi-purpose bookcase-cum-stairway that looks effortlessly chic. Upstairs sits the loft bed, let's take a look below…

A cosy loft bed

Again, the colours utilised are white and muted, with a neutral timber tone that looks almost whitewashed. The bed itself is utterly indulgent with a soft mattress and rug providing a comfy and cosy place to snuggle up. Ideal for a child, this bed area features built-in shelving that could house toys, books, or other ornamentation. By creating the loft bed quite high up above the floor, the room is given a spacious quality, without compromising on comfort or versatility. 

Back to the entrance

Making our way back to the entrance we see the front door in its entirety. The fireplace sits to the left, and the stairs jut out towards the hallway, providing a stylish way to ascend and descend between levels. Everything about this home has been considered as is thoughtfully integrated. The stairs are a perfect example, working brilliantly to intersect the entrance, and ensuring the visitor is enlightened and enthralled. Calm and serene in its atmosphere, this interior space looks far more expensive and luxurious than its surprisingly small budget. 

To the left of the front door a large panel of frosted glass is a gorgeous way to ensure light enters the abode, while the fireplace is delicately recessed within the wall, providing warmth and a welcoming vibe to the home. We also see the firewood and timber flooring. Similar in their tone, the timber laminate works seamlessly with the airy ambience and aesthetic. 

One final look at the exterior façade

As we take a look at the last image of the house, we again see the geometric shapes and strong design forms. The dwelling, although a stark structure upon the land, is actually quite inviting. The fenced in portion is covered with a cladding, which intersects the white cube-like residence. The garden is open and well-maintained, offering a family-friendly area to play, rest, relax, or take in some sun. 

Unlike many other buildings within the surrounding area, this cubist abode is a refined home that benefits from a low budget, without compromising its large character. Windows maximise sunlight ensuring the interior living zones are well-illuminated, cosy and inviting. 

Did you enjoy that simple yet elegant home? If you would like to continue reading, check out our other Ideabook: Your introduction to minimalist living

What did you think of this light, bright, and airy abode? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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