6 simple little kitchens for studios and small apartments

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It can be hard to find an inspiring kitchenette or mini studio kitchen, which is why we bet today's article will be a hit with our readers—particularly those with small homes.

The small kitchens we show you today range from the simplest little bench, to a neatly packed single line kitchen that uses every inch of floor space. So no matter what your small kitchen plans are, we bet you'll find something here to love. Let's check them out!

1. A little kitchen with everything

A small studio kitchen in an open plan layout really needs to work seamlessly with the larger design within the room. Here is how it can be done well! The kitchen doesn't look isolated within the overall design of the room at all. It has grey wall cupboards that tune into the grey living room, chrome accents and a wooden countertop to match the little round dining table.

2. The coolest little kitchen

This little industrial style kitchen looks quite portable. It's simply composed of a table style unit that leaves lots of empty space for the eye to roam. Keep an eye on this style of kitchenette, it's set to make a big impact in coming years.

3. A smart breakfast bench

The smart thing about this studio kitchen is that the breakfast bench adds an extra preparation area and neatly separates the kitchen from the living area. Of course, it also functions as a great casual eating area too.

4. The ultimate studio kitchen

One room homes generally need to have lots of simple elements. Here we can see how a small kitchen can even be incorporated into a loft style bed. It's neutral, works beautifully with the overall design of the room and provides some decent storage space too. Note the half-sized kitchen sink.

5. A mini kitchen that uses every inch of wall space

The wall space is really important real estate in a small kitchen. This one has wall cupboards that reach all the way to the ceiling. The cupboard doors have also been designed with a mis-match of materials. This gives interest and variety to such a large built-in unit.

6. A simple kitchen that makes a big splash

This kitchen may be small, but the striking contrast between the chunky wooden supporting structure and the large stainless steel bench really draws the eye. Some oversized stools complete the effect. This is a small kitchen that's definitely big on style.

For more small home ideas, let's head to Spain and check out A modern 50m² flat with seriously space-saving design.

Which of these mini kitchens is your favourite?

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