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10 small bathrooms with clever window placements

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Your bathroom is a necessary space that should look and feel wonderfully inviting, eminently usable and, as fresh as possible, but if you don't have your windows in the right place, all of these elements can be hard to capture! Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that the chosen style and placement of your windows will have a huge impact on how a room looks and feels, but to prove that to you, we are going to show you a host of different ideas today. If a bathroom revamp is on the cards, you might want to allocate some budget to improving your windows as well, as these rooms are going to give you so much inspiration!

1. Up to the pillar.

If you have structural elements in your bathroom, such as pillars that jut out from the wall, you can minimise the impact they have on the space by butting your windows directly up to them. This will create the illusion of more uninterrupted space and look amazing.

2. At the foot of the bath.

It makes so much sense to place a window at the base of your bathtub, as you can enjoy some lovely sunshine or romantic starlight, as you bathe. Just be sure you choose privacy glass, if you have neighbours!

3. A full wall.

Speaking of neighbours, if you have none and aren't overlooked at all, a fully glazed wall could be a lot of fun in your bathroom. It will certainly drench the space in natural light and feel more relaxing as you bathe!

4. In the darkest spot.

In a small bathroom, you have to be clever with your window placement. Find the darkest area in the room and that's where you need to open up the wall and inject some natural illumination. You'll be shocked at what an impact it has on the whole room!

5. Ensuring privacy.

Choosing slimline windows and installing them in a high-up position will not only look modern and cool, it will also guarantee you a higher degree of privacy. So much so, in fact, that you could choose a shower window, with absolutely no risk!

6. Copying the mirror.

Now this idea is bordering on genius! By copying the shape and style of the mirror with a large bathroom window, your space will grow exponentially. The mirror will reflect all of the light coming in and the two facets will really come together as one installation.

7. Small but effective.

Get your window placement right and you won't even need a large one! This small installation has captured all the light needed and maintains total privacy.

8. Where the moisture hits.

Here's a practical tip for bathroom windows! Try to place them where you know the most moisture will accumulate, so you can vent regularly and avoid tricky mildew problems from developing.

9. Tall and slim, in the shower.

How beautiful is this window? Long and slim, it draws in plenty of light and with an integrated blind, it protects the modesty of anyone using the room! 

10. For the ultimate view.

If you're not overlooked, choosing to place your bathroom window in your shower or next to your bath will afford you wonderful views, as you carry out your ablutions. What a great way to make your bathing time a little more exciting!

For some extra bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 12 bathroom details that make all the difference.

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