12 practical tips for tiny kitchens

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Do you want to be able to appreciate the entire valuable area of your tiny kitchen? For example, perhaps you are very enthusiastic about cooking, but in a small apartment, you feel you are limited in what you can cook or prepare. The point of this idea book is to show that even in a small space, you can have a fully equipped kitchen with style and character. Come and see!

1. Sweet industrial wind

The floor of this kitchenette is an exposed dark gray concrete slab with small, delicate, white wall tiles, as well as wood laminates and flow tables to create a wonderful contrast.

2. There is a perfect kitchenette

If the floor area is limited, then explore the new world! The expert responsible for building this kitchenette uses the ceiling and walls to give adequate storage space.

3. Modern and stylish kitchenette

White is definitely the way to go to maintain a spacious basic colour. But in order to make sure a space is not boring, experts  fix part of the wall with a patterned tiles, giving the kitchen a modern streak.

4. Industrial wind

The kitchen counter and the cupboard with stainless steel give a strong sense of industry, but it's we feel at home with a warm wooden floor and brick wall.

5. Sandwiched under kitchen

Under mezzanine this small kitchen combines dark gray (as the main color) and white as a focus point. Kitchen planners incorporate the thin bar attached the wall, so that the kitchen also has a hanging options for a clever storage function.

6. Kitchenette next to the living room

The kitchen next to the sofa is very small, but all the equipment is very complete.

7. Wooden kitchenette

This wooden kitchenette is very warm. The breakfast saves space and is both practical and stylish.

8. Elegant style

This kitchenette is very elegant, with decorative hanging lights, the space becomes a beautiful display.

9. Grey flow

This white and grey kitchenette breathes a pure white sense of cleanliness, full of personality and industrial wind style.

10. Tiled flooring

This kitchenette is simple in style. Under bright spots we have tiled mosaic decor flooring.

11. French style

White cabinets are accompanied by a wooden counter. This simple and minimalist kitchen is decorated with elegant French style and flair.

12. Black wall

In order to make a white kitchen more exciting, experts painted the wall black to give a simple and chic appearance which compliments the white and darker maple wood flooring. More great kitchen examples can be found here!

Small kitchen's don't mean small ideas! Click here for some amazing fresh ideas in style!

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