11 small and practical kitchens ideal for Singapore homes

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homify Industrial style kitchen Solid Wood Blue
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Think about what you need to be able to do in your kitchen and you'll understand that practicality has to come first, but don't worry that a small space can't be as usable and effective as a much larger one, as it really can! Ask any kitchen planner and they'll tell you that the key to maintaining gorgeous aesthetics and eminent practicality is to use the space you have more effectively and to prioritise your needs, which is why we are going to show you some perfect examples of small yet perfectly formed kitchens today, for inspiration. We know that you'll be impressed by how functional these spaces are, so let's take a look.

1. Bonus shelving.

Modern Industrial Kitchen homify Industrial style kitchen Solid Wood Blue

Modern Industrial Kitchen


This isn't a big kitchen, yet with a pretty colour scheme and handy high-level perimeter shelving, it is more than adequate in terms of aesthetics, prep space and storage potential. The L-shaped design really maximises how much counter room there is too.

2. Open perfection.

Small but mighty; that's how we'd describe this kitchen! Opening to the rest of the apartment, it feels spacious and with an L-shaped counter and overhead suspended shelving, there is endless storage capacity. That corner cabinet is inspired and adds so much valuable space as well.

3. Properly divided.

Any kitchen needs a good amount of counter space and here, the division has been masterminded wonderfully well. Integrated appliances and a sink mean that valuable worktop has been sacrificed, but in such a way as to offer usable areas in between. The shelf lighting is a great way to include task illumination too.

4. Optical illusions.

Modern Scandinavian HDB Apartment HMG Design Studio Modern kitchen Wood
HMG Design Studio

Modern Scandinavian HDB Apartment

HMG Design Studio

This isn't a huge kitchen, but it feels large, thanks to the use of white cabinets that almost disappear into the walls! Add to that a totally uninterrupted length of worktop and open shelving and there's nothing you can't do in here that you could in a much bigger room.

5. Add a view.

Natural light is a vital component to making any small kitchen feel larger and just that bit more practical and we love that the counter here has been placed to take full advantage of the windows. A charming view out really must make cooking here a pleasure and simple floating shelves add more storage, in place of bulky top cabinets.

6. Use both sides.

Punggol Waterway Brooks BTO Designer House Minimalist kitchen
Designer House

Punggol Waterway Brooks BTO

Designer House

A galley kitchen can often feel a little claustrophobic, but here, the space has been used so well to offer plenty of worktop and handy top cabinets. Had cupboards been installed on both sides, the room would have shrunk, but there's no lack of extra storage here, thanks to practical wall racks.

7. Keep it simple.

Kitchen homify Modern kitchen Wood Brown



This installation is so beautifully simple! A tall cabinet offers all the storage needed, while a long strip of worktop takes care of the prep needs and all within a relatively small area! The simple design really lends itself to being part of a wider open-plan scheme too as it looks neutral but stylish.

8. Use the corner.

In a small apartment, cordoning off one corner to use as a kitchen is a fantastic idea and just look at the extra practical touches here! An open counter offers the perfect spot for a breakfast bar and we just know there is a wealth of cupboard space on the other side!

9. Play with angles.

The angled edge of the worktop here is a subtle yet inspired touch, as it offers the maximum amount of counter space, without impacting on access. An uncluttered surface makes the room feel larger and ready to use and the gloss cabinets really do disappear, yet still offer so much storage.

10. The art of multifunctional design.

This kitchen is a food prep area, a hallway divide, a breakfast bar and a stylish addition, all in one! By sectioning off the space with half-height walls, the open vibe is maintained, while still making a definite division and with a U-shaped counter in place, there is bags of room for cooking. 

11. Combined space.

This might be the smallest kitchen of them all, but by adding in a dining table to combine the functions of the room, there is plenty of work space, as the table can become a handy prep station. Making great use of a wall niche, the installation looks understated and chic, but lacks for nothing. Amazing!

For more fabulous kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 25 cute kitchenettes perfect for small apartments.

Which of these kitchens would work well in your home?

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