7 home decor mistakes you need to stop making

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Decorating a home is an exciting journey, which is ideally supposed to combine the right materials, colours, furniture and accessories. But most homeowners often end up committing common mistakes which they can easily avoid. Though aesthetics is a very subjective matter, there are some things you should definitely avoid no matter how modern or traditional, or minimalistic or luxurious your residence is. After all, no one wants to end up with a house or apartment they don’t like despite choosing the best sofas, lights, artworks or carpets! So take a look at these 7 pitfalls and stay away from them.

1. Avoid too many decor accents

Surely, you don’t want your home to look like a museum, right? In that case, avoid filling it with excessive accessories, be it in the bedroom or the living room. Though it’s tempting to buy lots of different lamps, sculptures or throws maybe, abstain carefully. If you dump too much together, rooms will look cluttered, chaotic and moving about will become challenging. Keeping all these accessories clean and organised will become a task as well. This beautiful bedroom rendered by the architects at Fan Studio Architecture & Design is an example of what you should do.

2. Poor lighting is fatal

Ample and smart lighting is crucial to make your interiors look bright yet soothing and inviting. Pick from a wide variety of chandeliers, pendant lamps, task lights, indirect lighting and energy-saving options, depending on your interior, taste and budget. Consult professionals if need be, to focus lights on the attractive aspects of your home, while diverting attention from the not-so-great ones. Remember that the lighting should be comfortable on the eye but convenient too.

3. Mix and match is in

Similar styles and colours when combined together might look soothing, but they can be dull too. So take a cue from this corner of a modern home, where you see how a vintage style table has been paired with contemporary wall decor and a hint of greenery. The setting looks lively yet elegant. You can also play around with bolder colours or a mix of rustic and modern furniture.

4. Choose furniture sizes carefully

A massive sofa or artwork looks overwhelming in a small room, and similarly, a large room dwarfs average-sized furniture. Hence, choose furniture sizes according to the room’s dimensions. The same rule holds for accessories like paintings, sculptures, lamps or cabinets as well.

5. Test before you paint

Just because you have fallen in love with a particular shade of pink in the colour store doesn’t mean it will look good on the wall you have in mind. So make sure you test colours before you actually paint a wall. It will save you a lot of money and headache as well. Ask for cards covered with paint from the store if you want to be surer. Also ensure that the colour complements the furniture pieces and doesn’t make your room look dark or cramped.

6. Keep comfort and functionality in mind

Maybe you are keen on making your living room look stark and minimal. But do remember that adequate and comfy furniture is necessary to accommodate your family and friends. Otherwise, no one will be able to relax or entertain in peace! So choose sleek but plush sofas and trendy chairs which efficiently support backs to create a minimal yet cosy environment.

7. Avoid excessive pictures

Too many pictures on all or most walls of a room can look overwhelming and cluttered. Though it’s mostly a matter of personal taste, reserving only one wall for family photos or paintings is the best idea. You can also pick sleek frames for a lightweight look.

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