12 classic homes you'll wish were yours

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Classic home designs have an enduring quality about them. Even if the property is new, the lines and shapes of a classic design bring a sense of solid history to the design.

These are dwellings that often remind us of our childhood homes, dreams or even classic storybook settings. So what kinds of classic home designs do architects use over and over again? Well, today we’ll cover the full spectrum, from modern to older classics. We bet you'll wish they were yours!

1. Colonial classic

This classic colonial style home is a newly built dwelling. The detail on the edifice and traditional garden totally work as a whole. The only hint of modernity is in the window designs.

2. Modern classic

This modern classic is almost like a big white cube. It has a wall made from classic and windows with fine, elegant lines. This has all the elements of a classic minimalist design.

3. Tropical style home

This sprawling tropical home is definitely one for those who love a home with a beachy vibe. The solid pillars, gabled roof and wooden classic are all common elements in this kind of design.

4. Classic family home

This home may be quite modern, but it has the peaked roof and basic shape of an older, classic style family home. The big glass corner wall is a bit of a departure from the look.

5. Peaked roof and gables

This is another modern family home with classic appeal. The rustic red column has a certain earthy charm and the simple outdoor area is quite minimalist.

7. Modern top heavy classic design

One of the key markings of many modern two level homes is the absence or minimization of supporting walls on the lower level. This makes the home almost appear to float in space. 

8. More classic gables

Here we have another classic family home with a small, upper balcony leading off from the master bedroom. 

9. A simply relaxed family home

Big square windows, a grassy lawn and a peaked roof are all key elements in this kind of modern classic family home. Check out how fresh and inviting the exterior looks with the classic combination of wood and white.

10. Country cool

This little stone home is definitely the stuff of fairytales. The roof is actually slightly askew on one side and looks like it belongs in a storybook!

11. Cape cod classic

This cape cod style classic home has gorgeous olive wooden cladding and a cute country garden. The home is set quite low to the ground and has a relaxing, sprawling feel about it.

12. Another modern classic

Here we have another modern classic which is composed of two strong horizontal volumes placed perpendicular to one another. The walls are completely made from glass and the roof and flooring almost act as a shell.

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Which of these classic designs speaks to you?

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