6 essentials to create a calming and relaxing bedroom

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Studies suggest that we spend more than one third of our lives sleeping. A large part of this time is spent in our bedrooms. It is true some children doze off in the history classes, many grown ups do the same in trains, buses and offices. But the number of such instances and the hours dedicated to getting such a short nap are negligible. Moreover, these rather innocuous examples show how important it is to get a good night’s sleep – morning’s sleep for the night workers – back home.

The perils of sleeplessness are all too evident in our daily lives. A number of factor contributes to this problem. Sadly, many of these are beyond control for us now. But what we can and should do is to regulate our immediate environment in such a way so as to get maximum amount of sleep and repose on a regular basis. One of these practices involves making a few alterations in our bedroom. So, how do we turn our bedrooms into a haven of peace and repose? Read on and find out for yourself.

Choose the right bed

From contemporary platform beds to antique four poster ones, the choices are many when it comes to investing in the right type of bed. The style of the bed should comply with the rest of the décor of your home. But do ensure you have a full size bed such as this one designed by Allnatura, as it is important for having a comfortable sleep. 

Sofas, couches or odd sized beds may look very nice on pictures, but none of these are good for your body. If you have extra storage units installed in the head and footboards, keep them uncluttered. Also, have a good quality mattress that is not too hard or soft. Either of them could harm your back muscles. Cotton bed furnishings are softer and anti allergic. High quality cotton fabric is both durable and luxurious in looks.

Relaxing colour scheme

Bedrooms should have a colour scheme that soothes the eyes and minds. Though there is no one ideal set of colours that fits this definition and choices largely depend on the individuals going to inhabit the space, there are few standards that act as a basic guide. Unless you boast of a bedroom of unusually high ceiling and volume, a predominance of black or dark grey should be avoided. When exposed to these colours for a long period of time, these have a depressing effect on mind. 

They look less inviting too. People living in warmer areas and cities would know that these shades make the room hotter and cause great discomfort. Besides, darker shades tend to block the effective flow of light and narrow down the available space. A dominantly red colour palette should be avoided. This being a very passionate tone makes people edgy and nervous over a period of time. If you must have very dark as well as intense tones in your bedroom, use them as accent tones only.

Comforting curtains

Have two layers of curtain, one lighter and more transparent and the other made of darker and heavier fabric. This will more effectively block light as and when needed and in the right amount. Blinds and shades, including the motorised ones, would also serve the purpose. Follow the overall colour scheme of your room to select a fabric that has calming effects on the mind. Too busy a pattern would not be suitable for a smaller bedroom. When used in a bedroom, woven wood or coir shades have great cooling effects and look unique.

The right lighting

Bedroom Design BN Architects Modern style bedroom
BN Architects

Bedroom Design

BN Architects

Moderation is the keyword here. Having a bedroom overly dressed up in lights may prevent you from falling asleep quicker. If you have a habit of reading on your bed, then make sure you have quality table or pendant lamps installed near the cot. These should provide sufficient light without hurting the eyes. 

Proper lighting can really make your bedroom a haven of tranquillity that you are trying to create. Large windows can aid the flow of light and air. A view of the vast starry sky will be a bonus and a right step towards a dreamy night in the bedroom.

Wall décor

Oakland Bedroom Collection The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Bedroom Collection

The Cotswold Company

Choosing the right kind of wall décor may begin with having the right shades on each of the walls and ceiling, but does not end with that. Having a calming colour scheme will take care of the first step. Paint the ceiling in white or lighter tones than the rest of the room to make the space more expansive in appearance. Have your accent wall dressed in contrast colour, wall paper or terracotta tiles. Exposed brick walls are now back in favour, so you may now use it to introduce a bit of magic in your bedroom.

According to your budget, buy a prominent painting or a set of photographs to hang on the walls. Do not fall for cheap imitations or posters. If you are an artist or photographer yourself, then this step becomes easy. Do not have a picture in the bedroom that looks vicious, oppressive or gloomy. For a restful night’s sleep, you need this space to be cheerful and harmonious.

Banish the TV from the bedroom!

Remove the television, computer and all other electronic gadgets from your bedroom. Due to the presence of harmful magnetic field, these gadgets have a high tendency of disrupting the sleep pattern. Though this may not be a popular choice, not having smartphones, mp3 players etc near the bed, would also be helpful in ensuring a relaxing time in the bedroom. Besides, couples will then have more time to invest in each other than watching idle tv series’. By staying away from their gaming consoles, children will be forced to develop healthier and more productive hobbies.

Plants and flowers

A view of lush vegetation always has a calming effect on mind. Then why not incorporate live plants and flowers in your own bedroom? Potted jasmine, plumeria, peace lily and lavender help to create a charmingly fragrant atmosphere. With some floating candles, any of these flowers could also be used in an urli (earthen pot) to the same effect. Other indoor plants like areca palm, spider and jade plants would be equally delightful additions to a bedroom.

A vase full of gorgeous gerberas, lilies and roses brighten up the ambient in no time. Collect flowers and foliage from your own backyard to deck up your bedroom. As you will discover the benefits of these little practices, you will have all the necessary impetus to stick to your ambition of making your bedroom the most peaceful corner of your house.

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