A well-planned studio apartment of 27 m² that seems much bigger!

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Combining functionality with aesthetics was the main aim with which the architects of this lovely house in Krakow, Poland began their work with. The house is planned in an extremely modest area of 27 square meters and accommodates an open plan living room with a kitchen along with a decent sized toilet and bathing area. The kitchen is provided with all modern amenities and is separated from the living space by a neatly positioned kitchen island that provides space for cooking as well as to dine. 

Let's go ahead and see what more does this beautiful house has in store for us…

A comfortable living area

The living area is provided with a comfortable sofa unit along with a sleek coffee table at the center. The sofa is provided with bright colored cushions and a bold gray fabric that goes wonderfully well with the neutral wall shades. We also loved the creative boxed-type wall mounted shelf that holds in it fragrant candles to lighten up the ambiance.

The bathroom

The bathroom comes equipped with a sleek round mirror and a counter top wash basin that is installed on a nice storage cabinet. Apart from this, the bathroom is also provided with a sleek shower cubicle and an inbuilt storage compartment to store the various essentials and toiletries.

Inbuilt compartments

In order to make the most of the available space, the architects have fabricated inbuilt compartments in the wall niche adjacent to the shower cubicle. The cabinet is divided into 3 parts of which the lower-most part accommodates the washing machine. We also loved how the elegant wooden shutters complement the trendy intricately patterned mosaic tiles.

An open plan layout

The kitchen and the living room are a part of a single space only divided by the kitchen island. In spite of the modest floor area, one does not feel that the space is uncomfortable or filled with too many elements. One of the prime reasons of this is the elegant color palette that is dominated by neutral white shades and the wooden flooring, a combination which gives the space a larger than actual feel.

The kitchen island

The kitchen island basically acts as the dividing element between the two spaces. The combination of white shutters and the wooden top looks especially elegant while the mosaic tiles add further charm to the space. Apart from its aesthetics, the mosaic tiles act as a subtle space separating element between the kitchen and living spaces. The island provides the users a decent space to cook as well as is perfect to grab a bite on the go.

The centre space

In order to counter the lack of space, the architects have provided the living area with simple yet aesthetically elegant furniture units. Just look at the combination of the floor mounted credenza along with the minimalist cube-shaped wall mounted cabinets, artistic, isn't it? 

Further, the entire setting is also enhanced by the excellent natural light quality courtesy of the large window opening in living space beside the sofa unit.

At the entrance

The entrance of the house is simple with just the bare minimum essentials. The entrance wall is provided with a full sized mirror that is perfect to take a glimpse at before you move out of the house as well as a nice seating cube which comes in handy while wearing or removing shoes.

Creative light fixtures

The artistic quality of the residence is most apparent in its details. To illuminate the kitchen island, the architects have opted for a beautiful custom-made blue colored ceiling hung fixture as well as a sleek candle holder which is reminiscent of the candle holders used in the past centuries.

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