Small bathrooms: 5 common problems solved

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Having a small bathroom can feel like such a big problem, but if you use your space to maximum effect, you'll be shocked at how much more spacious and luxurious it could feel. Ask any bathroom designer and they'll tell you that it's not the size of your bathroom that matters, but the way you decorate it, so if you've been bemoaning your ablution space, read on to find out how it could become everything you've ever wanted and more!

Problem 1: not having enough storage.

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A small bathroom can still have more than enough storage, if you don't go for bulky versions. Choose an open-front design, that your sink can sit in, and the space will still feel airy and unfussy, while offering valuable shelving for towels and other bathroom necessities.

Problem 2: looking too minimalist.

In a bid to leave a small bathroom feeling bigger, so many people run into the problem of a space that just looks sterile and far too minimalist. The key thing to remember is that having nothing except the essential is not the only option! Add some pictures on the walls, at the very least, as they will add personality and style, without swallowing up room!

Problem 3: having nowhere for towels.

Have you ever noticed how bulky towels are and, by proxy, how tricky they are to store in a small bathroom? You need to get a little clever with your towel storage, so how about a heated towel rail that mounts smoothly to the wall, keeps your towels warm and ready to use and gives you multiple rungs? So simple, yet effective.

Problem 4: trying to increase perceived size.

If you have a truly teeny tiny bathroom, you will probably want to try and make it at least feel larger, but how can you do that? The answer is staggeringly simple; with mirrors! A large wall mirror will add perceived depth and space to a small room in an instant and won't cost a fortune either.

Problem 5: housing all the toiletries.

Have you ever noticed just how many bottles of shampoo, shower gel and soap you can accrue? In a small bathroom, that can spell disaster for countertops, unless you consider some inset wall shelves! Built into dead space, they give you a seamless method for housing what you use, where you use it! This in-shower style is perfect for really small bathrooms.

For more great bathroom advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 small bathrooms with clever window placements.

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