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Pasja Do Wnętrz Scandinavian style living room
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Designing and decorating the perfect apartment is never a simple task, particularly when the space that we have to work with is small. The best way to tackle such a task is to break it down into two categories. Firstly, we must ask ourselves what it is that we truly need. If you don't do any work from home, you probably don't need a desk. If you always eat on the sofa, you probably don't need a dining table. It's all personal and it's all up to you, what's difficult is that when the square metres are limited, so are the options. That brings us to the second important point to remember. When conceptualising the design theme for your small apartment, choose a distinct approach and stick to it. In this case, the Polish interior designers and decorators from Pasja Do Wnętrz have kept two clear things in mind—Scandinavian and pastel tones. The result of a defined plan? See for yourself!

Small but open spaces

The kitchen, living and dining areas are clearly all one, open space which means making smart choices about placements. In this case they've opted to keep it open (no room dividers) and have the cosy sofa facing the kitchen. This choice is a social one, because it means that if one person is sitting on the couch, they can converse with someone in the kitchen. It also helps to avoid boxing rooms off from one another. 

Clever accenting

The space between the living room/kitchen and the entrance to the home can be a difficult one to decorate. For one, we're never really sure of exactly what should go there and we also don't want to clutter it up. By choosing accents and pieces that find the perfect line between matching and having unique touches, the room is held together by a theme—but it isn't overdone. 

Soft touches

From this angle we can see the way that the living area connects with the dining/working space. The muted colour palette brings a chic, stylish and oh-so-Scandinavian feeling to the room, while the soft, pastel green colour of the chairs and the cosy, classic look of the couch round it off with a welcoming feeling. 

A killer kitchen

No matter how small your kitchen is, there's always a way to make it a stylish and functional space. In this case, the designers have taken full advantage of the L-shape to produce an easy to use result. The other appealing element in this design is the pop of blue colour. Appearing on only a couple of items, the shiny, pastel blue fits into the theme of the apartment and brings some fresh life to the kitchen. What's even fresher however, is the little basil plant, kept adorably in an overhanging pot.

Versatile spaces

This table and the two pastel green chairs that it's teamed with is not only a cool and on-trend design piece, it's a surface that wear more than one hat, or do more than one job. Clearly, this space can easily be used as a dining area but thanks to the simple and nonchalant design, it can also easily be a workplace. These are the kinds of solutions that those with small spaces need to seek, otherwise we'll end up making too many compromises.  

Complementing tones

Even in this cute little greyscale corner, the beloved pastel tones make an appearance in the form of a framed image. In fact, the two images framed above this cosy looking sofa come to represent the entire feeling of the apartment while confirming the goal of the designers. Reading ’Scandinavian design,’ we know that the beloved Nordic look we see throughout this home  is no coincidence—and that's why it's worked out so well.

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