A Rapturous Abode in the Heart of the Tropics

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Marina Linhares Decoração de Interiores Tropical style kitchen
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Marina Linhares, the designer who planned the interior of Casa da Gente, describes this Sao Paulo home as a place to relax and enjoy the pleasure of living to the fullest possible extent. Casa da Gente epitomises the design trend that is currently sweeping over Brazil which can be defined as an appreciation for simple and sustainable living. With the architecture of the house already showcasing a certain amount of sophistication, Marina’s job was to complement it through her design skills. 

The result was this farmhouse with an eclectic mixture of very charming features. In its different parts, the house aims to exhibit the character, habits and individuality of the owners. It also encapsulates their collective memories and future dreams. However, a combination of innovative solutions and urban facilities were not meant to be a death knell to tradition. The house embraces many aspects of Brazilian heritage and proves to be a treasure trove for the country’s age old traditions.


Casa da Gente Sau Paulo is spread over an area of 800 sq metres which includes a vast garden full of tropical trees and separate units of the farmhouse. This project needed quite a team work as the architects were assisted by individual designers at various parts of the house. To stay truthful to its theme, Casa da Gente displays a burst of colour at any corner of its various units. A sidewalk made of stone and colourful bricks lead one to the actual premises. Visitors briefly walk though a beautiful grove before reaching the doorstep of the living.


The conservatory is converted into a living room. It can be seen cloaked in a combination of very bright and relatively subdued tones like beige, grey, nude, red and mustard yellow. It is a part of 70 sq metres’ area that includes dining room and kitchen. Like the rest of the house, the furniture, draperies, carpet and decorative elements are made mostly of ecologically sustainable material.

A Brief Repose

From the canopy overhead to the rocky flooring the conservatory can pride itself for its singularity. The upholstery, procured from local craftsmen, gives it a rustic feel. The lampshades, breakfast table, with the exception of rather sleek chairs, and other decorative elements complement this feel. Large framed portraits of indigenous people briefly draw the attention. The 95 sq metre garden outside remains a source of endless fascination.

Formal Living Room

The stone house also boasts of a more formal living room. The white sofa, pushed to one of the corners, with a glass top centre table gives it a more conventional look. Glass panelled walls and large window with spectacular views of the outside prove to be very soothing to the eyes. This is further accentuated by the fact that only a few showpieces adorn the entire house. 

A great assortment of indoor plants and an equally serene campus outside act as perfect adornments. The living area also features a number of mirrors in various shapes and sizes. An easy chair, a bench upholstered in similar shade to the sofa and a couple of other chairs complete the sitting arrangements in the living area.


Open plan kitchen, though supplied with all the modern amenities, can be considered very basic in design and functional. This helps to generate an uncluttered feel enhancing the elegance of the entire house. Rustic decorative items, photographs of the original inhabitants of this land and indoor herbs embellish the space.

Dining Space

The kitchen shares its space with the dining area which also holds the focal point of this stone house. With oval dining table and accompanying chairs in chic design this area is more elaborately decorated than the rest of house. The taboa area rugs are another prominent feature of this house. These are sourced locally from Salvador and Missoni Moss carpet loom and prove to be another one of the hallmarks of Brazilian design.


The terrace outside is also provided with dining set and chairs for relaxation and entertainment with friends and family members. Casa da Gente proves to be an urban idyll and an oasis far removed from the city’s unending clamour.

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This rustic and colourful Brazillian villa proves to be one of those houses that does not lose its touch with nature even in its urban surrounding....

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