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Designing a townhouse can be a lot of fun, even while trying to overcome two apparently insurmountable problems – a lack of sufficient space and budget constraints. If this sounds somewhat of a misplaced idea, then you must join me in this excursion. Together we will visit Casa PT, a Milanese townhouse that oozes cheerfulness in every part of its interior. Designed by Palermo born architect Davide Petronici, Casa PT was built in 2008 for a small family. Besides, providing a comfortable urban living space for this couple with a child, Casa PT needed to fulfil another very specific requirement of the client.

The house is supposed to provide a shelter for the owner’s collection of designer furnishings. The project becomes particularly noteworthy considering the living space comprises mere 75 sq metres. A thorough redistribution of the space helped to make it habitable and give it an uncluttered yet distinct look. Though mostly conservative with the amount of furniture and decorative elements, Casa PT does not blindly follow minimalism in the prevailing sense of the word.

The lounge room with an impressive library

The house consists of a terrace, lounge, kitchen cum dining area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a utility room. These are segregated on the two sides of a path the leads up to the main gate.

The lounge cum entertainment area has floor to ceiling bookshelves with built in TV cabinet in the front. One would really love to recline on the khaki sofa and read books from this home library. A white sofa facing the TV is flanked by very attractive looking chairs in sunny yellow shades. Though white in colour the design of the centre table also draws attention.

Hallway leading to the outdoors

Full height doors with brick arches and dark wooden beams are an ode to tradition. It aids in giving an expansive feeling and while standing at the main gate affords generous views of the outside. The otherwise completely white interior is decorated with a combination of furniture and accessories in very bright and muted tones.

Well stocked library

The space more immediate to the wall and behind the TV cabinet is also dedicated to bookshelves in equally generous proportions. Except for serving the very obvious purpose, a very beautiful forest green guitar acts as a decorative feature as well.

Space for playing music

The music room is set up in a narrow corridor just behind the lounge area. Except for a piano another set of books and magazines find home here. A few vibrant vases and containers liven up the space.

Clean, modern and classic kitchen

The kitchen is stripped down to a few basic modern amenities and kitchenware is neatly tucked into the white cabinets. Large windows soak the area with sunlight and make it look roomier than it actually is.

Relaxed and calm dining area

Keeping the space constraint in mind, the dining space is kept suitably minimal. Modern moulded chairs in white and amber tones surround a simple dining table in rectangular shape. The only ornamentations here are vase full of flowers and 3D stickers on the doors of the refrigerator.

Effortless bedroom

If not for the presence of the bed in carrot orange shade, the bedroom would have been almost Spartan in its design. The lack of space is the major contributing factor in this. However, large glass windows with bright sunlight from the outside make up for any perceived lack of adornments and genial features. Overhead cabinets work as very basic storage units.

Kid’s room

The kid’s room is one of the highlights of the whole house. It is furnished with white and bright lemony yellow furniture which includes a bed and storage units. Wooden round table with a moulded kid’s chair also, in olive green shade, is placed in the centre of the room. The rainbow rug is also responsible for adding colour into the surroundings.

Joyful bathroom

The bathroom has all the essentials organised in its rather tiny expanse. All the fittings and sanitary are kept white to give it an airy feel. Multicoloured candles and bathroom mat prove to be the only exceptions.

Enjoying the alfresco life

A small yet charming terrace bids goodbye to everyone who has come to visit Casa PT. It is supplied with lightweight white table, chair and other colourful furniture. The greenery acts as the final beautifying element of this pretty townhouse.

For more information about small yet beautifully decorated townhouses visit here.

Casa PT is a beautiful Milanese townhouse with colourful interior decor, home library, music room, entertainment area, kid's room and patio. Which ...

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