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A Charming Barn Conversion

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The beauty of a building, both in its exterior and interior, is not solely dependent on its size. Möhring Architekten, the brain behind the design of Scheunen Trio or barn trio, holds this belief very close to their hearts. Their ingenuous design for this one story building has already earned them critical acclaim including an award from Landesbaupreis 2014. These three modern barn conversions identical to each other stand on a plot in Darss, close to the Baltic shore.

The prescribed structures to be built on this site already had their basic plans charted out. Despite this, the architects tried to interpret them in such a way that creates both a comfortable and charming home. However, these buildings are built from scratch and were never used as barns. They only borrow their design ideals from traditional farm sheds. The houses are built along the east west axis by an arterial street beside which they stand.

A view of the outside

The one storey barn with its rather stern looks from the outside masterfully hides a tactful distribution of the internal volume into three separate levels. The only softening, and perhaps a tad curious feature, on its outer surface is the earthly thatched cloaks. These are present on the roof and two sides of the building which partly hides its otherwise licorice black presence. This acts as natural insulation. Besides, it can be considered homage to all those beautiful thatched cottages that can be found scattered over the scenic landscape of Fischland-Darss-Zingst.

Modernity vs heritage

Those who are familiar to this part of the country, would know the building, at least in its basic formation, to be a direct inspiration of a typical Borner house, like an echo of such beautiful heritage architecture like that of Fischerkirche in the pretty village of Born a. Darß. But then large sliding doors across the main entrance immediately reminds us that this is a 21st century home we are about to step into.

Dining space

The dining room is located at the heart of the house and is meant to be a bridge between the glass covered entertainment area and the private quarters indoors. The staircases are meant to be floating sculptures in this space and not simple functional elements of a house.

Living room

The living room has its north and southern walls replaced with glass coverings with only lockable sliding doors providing the needed privacy and security. During daytime the area is seen permeated in generous amounts of natural light. This helps in making the space feel more expansive yet homey. With a few lightweight furniture and even fewer decorative elements in muted tones the space could be turned into a cheerful lounge and entertainment area in no time. That is, of course, with the presence of the owners and a few of their close friends.

Private area

The private rooms upstairs are built as mini-suites with each having an en suite bathroom and a dressing room. Economised floor planning helped in opening up the space to make it fitting for a comfortable living. With a contemporary platform or divan bed, a stylish side table, proper lighting and soft furnishings in complementary shades the bedrooms could easily be converted into the most blissful corners of the house.

Cleverly designed bathroom

The en suite bathrooms are small and relatively modest than other parts of the building. They are supplied with white sanitary fittings, vanity units and large mirrors. A shower room has been built in one of the nooks and the entire ensemble has been so cleverly designed that it not only doesn't take up too much space but the design looks modern and fresh.

The airy and light loft

Scheunen Trio boasts of very well organised lofts. The loft space is segregated into two separate wings with landing up the staircase acting as a bridge between the two. The loft has provisions for two more rooms of generous proportions. Each of these can be converted into a guest suite, hobby room or additional living room. For the architect, it remains a matter of great pride that a clever spatial distribution inside the house opened up possibilities for a happier and healthier living for the prospective owners.

To know more about such artful manipulation of space have a look here.

These are stylish barn conversions with traditional country cottage flair and all the essentials of comfortable modern home for small families. Wha...

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