The Rose House with Attention to Detail

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Taller Estilo Arquitectura Modern kitchen
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We see red when mad with anger, but a view of the early morning sun in its rich red garb soothes our minds. Life’s path seems anything but rosy to us, yet with the blossoming of love we never forget to gift a deep red rose to our beloved. Our red blood boils in rage in seeing injustice. We even blush in embarrassment at being complimented.

Many ancient cultures of Asia consider red to be a colour of good fortune. Singaporeans associate red with joyfulness and spirits of life. On festive occasions, red remain our constant companion. The protective power of red has been trusted on for ages. The use of sacred red threads and vermilion marks in temples, homes and even around one’s wrists is a testimony to that. Indeed, there is hardly a colour that is as rich with symbolism as red.

El Capricho, the red brick building in Comillas by Antoni Gaudí, continues to fascinate us even today. Despite its widespread use, red remains primarily a colour of passion. So, it is only sparingly used in contemporary works of architecture. Even the interiors of a building only resort to red in trying to spice up the ambience. During the designing of Casa Santiago 49 though, Taller Estilo Arquitectura decided to forego all their misgivings about using red and preferred to be a contra trend setter instead.


Be prepared to see the world through Casa Santiago 49’s rose tinted glasses, for everywhere you decide to step in this house you will be meeting with the boldest colour of the rainbow – rose red. As we will travel through the different parts of the house, it will become amply clear to you whether Taller Estilo Arquitectura’s young team managed to successfully pull off this dangerous game with the colour of desire.

This modern Mexican house encompasses a surface area of mere 90 sq metres in the heart of Mérida, once a hotbed to Mayan civilisation. The living area is surrounded by a tiny garden full of tropical plants and creepers which acts as natural adornments to the place.

Living Room

The red floor here is complemented with white rectangular focal area, minimal couch upholstered in creamy white shade and a circular centre table wearing somewhat of a shabby chic look. A spiral staircase at one corner leads up to the private portion of the building. Dark wood cabinet acts both as an embellishment and additional storage unit. A door on the opposite side leads us to one of the bedrooms of Casa Santiago 49.


The living room shares its space with the kitchen cum dining room. Among all corners of the house, kitchen wears the most ravishingly red tone. From the cabinets, worktop, mosaic wall behind the counter to the floor everything is steeped in a rubicund hue. Definitely, it injects much energy into the space.

Dining Space

The almost nonexistent dining area tries hard to match up with all the drama surrounding it. With a traditional marble dining table and a surprising selection of contemporary black chairs it has done little to meet the challenge, but managed to curtail any excessive zest caused by the use of such copious amount of chilly red tone.


With the use of tiles in floral motifs, red has become somewhat subtle here. However, this only acted to make the room more beautiful than normal. Minimalist furniture including a very plain black and white storage cabinet occupies this space. The bedroom has access to a well decorated terrace.


The terrace has seating arrangements for a fun filled evening with the near and dear ones. Fuchsia red wall behind the concrete throne adds a splash of colour in this part of the house.


This bathroom uses similarly toned down colour and stylish basin. Apart from the tiled decoration on the floor the entire space is coloured in white. Chic pendant lighting helps to brighten up the space. It has direct access to the terrace as well as the master bedroom.


Due to a lack of space, building a fully functional swimming pool was not possible. But during very warm summer, taking a dip in the jacuzzi like pool is made possible. The small patch of greenery around proves to be sufficient for soothing many a weary mind.

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Casa Santiago 49 is a Mexican townhouse that is steeped bold red colour, decorated following minimalist design ideal, has open plan living room, ki...

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