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Half an hour’s journey from Seoul will take you to Yongin, South Korea, a city with an unusual composition of urbanity and nature. Tall century old pine trees here stand almost next to the high rise buildings for whom even sky does not seem to be a limitation. But this uniqueness of Yongin is changing fast. Rapid urbanisation is taking its toll on the natural environment and remaining forest area is now limited to the confinements of parks and reserve forests like Daejanggeum Park, Hantaek Botanical Garden and Yongin Forest. 

So, it was only natural that the owners of the House in the Woods would prefer building their home close to the serenity of the remainder of Yongin’s natural forest. They entrusted Oyu Avon with the responsibilities of seeing their dream project a success. This small team of architects and designers is spearheaded by Kim Hyon-hui who has an extensive knowledge of Japanese architecture. With her proven expertise in building structures having wooden interiors, she was almost a natural choice for this project. The results are here for us to see and appreciate.

Expanse overview

The House in the Woods sits pretty on the fringes the city. Its position has all the advantages that the city dwellers enjoy with an added benefit of being close to nature. The west side of the house provides a street view and the garages are built on this side of the building. The storage areas, including an equipment room, occupy the northern part. The balconies and terraces of the east and southern portions of the building provide fantastic views of the unsullied face of nature. With solar panels installed, the House in the Woods proves itself to be an energy efficient and environmentally conscious building as well.


The building boasts of a most impressive façade made of colourful bricks covering half the structure. The other half, standing aloof from the street and adjacent to the lovely woods, has been kept suitably minimal. The design tries to uphold Gaudí’s ideas of a perfect cooperation with natural environment, “Those who look for the laws of nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.” 

Windows showcase a curious mixture of industrial rectangular styling with a few others having nouveau like rounded corners. The north side is also decorated with a brick façade. Matching bricks adorn the tall chimney as well.


The plot is protected by very modish looking wood fencing. The entrance showcases dark wood stairs and wood covered ceiling, though of a different variety and tone. Rustic wrought iron pendant lightings show the way in.

Living Room

The free flowing living and dining room has both its floor and ceiling covered with wood. The floor is lacquered white and matches the other elements of the room in shade. Beautiful glass windows and doors let ample amount of sunlight inside. The fascinating views of the woods make it look even more charming. A part of the living room, next to the kitchen, is dedicated to the dining space. Chic chandelier could be seen hanging from the ceiling in a space which requires an addition of a dining set and furnishings, preferably rustic in appearance and made of organic materials.


Kitchen can be accessed from the dining area through a sliding wood framed glass door. With a few exceptions like the countertop and the wall behind, every corner of the kitchen can be seen steeped in white. The tasteful decoration and extensive arrangements of this area show, that the owners have plans for spending quality time of the day here. Rustic and mismatching bar stools try to introduce an element of surprise.

Cleverly designed hallway

With the addition of parquet floor, the narrow corridor looks gorgeous. Ceiling mounted spotlights light up the way. The corridor also contains built in storage units and book cases to maximise the potential use of the area. This is a clever way to keep the décor and design minimal, while at the same time having a lot of room for storing items and showcasing objects.

The long and narrow corridor is also directly opposite a large window, thus bringing in natural light and energy into the homes interior and lighting up the space.


The House in the Woods has a well organised loft space, a part of which is dedicated to a small lounge. With cosy and reclining chairs in place, the beautiful face of the sky can be appreciated here through the skylight installations. With changing needs, this area can be easily transformed into a gracefully decorated study, hobby room or even a home spa.

To see how you can make best utilisations of your loft space, look no further than here.

House in the Woods is a Korean urban family home decorated with colourful brick facade, minimalist interiors, wooden floors and ceilings and is bui...

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