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VL Arquitetura e Interiores Classic style living room
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Today on homify we are lucky enough to travel to Brazil to check out one of the most impressive and striking apartments around! Residência Juvevê has been designed by Vivian Lazzarotto of VL Arquitetura e Interiores, and is a beautiful demonstration of contemporary Brazilian design. Featuring an eclectic range of furniture, fittings, and fixtures, the large condominium is replete with a sophisticated aesthetic, while also appearing rather bold and unique. 

From the moment one enters the marble-inlay entrance foyer, they are transported to a truly spectacular alternate dimension. The interior domestic zones boast mirrored surfaces, high gloss vivid furnishings, and an abundance of modern amenities. Moving through the home, it is clear that this dwelling has been designed to reflect the vivacity and vibrancy of Brazilian culture, with many kitsch accessories, textures, and tones providing interest and intrigue. Living areas are large and plentiful, offering an oversized floorplan for families as well as couples. 

If you would like to take a peek inside this original residence, check out the images below, and consider revamping your home with style and panache!

A feast for the senses

This interior is unbelievably stunning, with a sleek ambience and aesthetic this room is a highly unique space brimming with originality and style. The standout feature is most certainly the shag rug that takes up almost the entire room. Effortlessly plush and cosy, this rug is surrounded by modern furniture that is both timeless and age-defiant. 

The central mirrored coffee table is a striking addition, reflecting the patterns of the rug's fabric, and imparting a sense of rich opulence. The overall feeling when entering this room is of refinement with lavish overtones, and a sense of sumptuous abundance. The colour scheme is neutral, with muted tones and earthy hues creating warmth and serenity. The ideal living room to host an event, every element within the space is sure to impress!

A bold and intriguing entry

Have you ever tried to increase the size of your home with mirrors? If you have you will know that a little mirror goes a long way to boosting the spaciousness of a room. But what happens when you clad an entire wall in mirror? Back within the entry space we are truly able to see how this is an impressive abode. The entrance wall has been covered entirely using bevelled mirror, enhancing the apparent size of the space, and imparting a lavish sense of opulence. 

Situated next to the mirror, the high gloss red console table adds a vivacious quality to the room, but it is the inlay marble floor that really is the icing on the cake. Beautifully patterned, the geometric shapes exude class and intrigue, proving extra depth to the hallway-cum-foyer. 

The eclectic sunroom

Things start to get very exciting as we enter the next room! Outrageously eclectic, and overflowing with interesting furniture and accessories, this space is a chic departure from the other more traditionally designed living spaces. 

The enclosed sunroom features walls of windows that can be opened up to display panoramic views of the city beyond, or closed during more inclement weather, ensuring this is a highly versatile and usable space. The cowhide rug is an instant sign of the updated aesthetic, while the twin chairs impart a mid-century modern twist, coordinating beautifully with the timber ceiling, dropped pendant light, and bright red trunk. 

Informal socialising space

Turning around we can see the continuation of the sunroom, with red mosaic tiles, an informal dining space, and a host of other interesting objet d'art.

Extravagant dining

Returning to the main area of the home, the dining room is effortlessly chic, and flanked by bespoke joinery offering a television and audio visual space, with a small integrated console at the opposite end. 

Segregating the space, and ensuring the room is fabulously opulent, a large chandelier sits in the centre of the recessed ceiling and LED lights. 

The home with everything!

This home really has everything one could want! As we enter the bar, the immediate eye catching feature is the slick black marble countertop that reflects the recessed lighting above. In the corner sits a cactus, adding contrast to the neutral space. How could one not want to pull up a bar stool, pour a caipirinha (Brazil's national cocktail), and get the party started!

A large and roomy kitchen

This kitchen is set up for the chef in your life! Boasting an array of stainless steel appliances, timber veneer joinery, and an abundance of storage space, this cooking space is excellently suited to many different individuals, from the budding cook to the professional chef. 

One of the most recognisable features of this dwelling is the great illumination and natural light that streams into the interior living zones, enhancing the vibe and ambience. 

Blending the old with the new

Throughout the home, certain homages are paid to different eras and periods throughout history. There is a sense that classicism and heritage features heavily as an influence within the home, while mid-century modern furniture and accessories also a sleek touch. 

Within the bedroom, there is blend between the old and the new. The interior architecture suggests a modern home, while the traditional rug and armchair are beautifully juxtaposed to create contrast and interest. 

A wardrobe to envy!

A wardrobe that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud to own, this mammoth clothes storage space is out of this world! With sliding mirrored doors, persian-esque rugs, and a central tallboy, the room is perfect for anyone who wants to feel a little like royalty.

Casual living areas

The casual living room is yet another excellent room that has been designed to provide a comfy yet stylish space to rest, relax, and get a little comfy after a long day at work. Bright tangerine, dark charcoal, black, and cream are the main colours utilised, and these all work together effortlessly in creating an eclectic sense of character and charisma. 

The fireplace takes dual centre stage along with the television that is enclosed within bespoke joinery. Recessed lights are once again employed, ensuring the room is subtly illuminated.

Stylishly appointed guest room

Finally we check out the guest room. Replete with twin single beds, this is a stunningly appointed space, which effortlessly creates a serene ambience using the neutral grey hues, with bursts of bright red, and timber tones. This room completes a truly spectacular abode, a home full of character, comfort, and luxury. 

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What did you think of this kitschy and fabulously Brazilian apartment? We'd love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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