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Compact homes and apartments are becoming more frequently commonplace. The desire to reside in certain city locations, as well as particular neighbourhoods and districts, means individuals are embracing condensed living within undersized apartments, flats, and dwellings. However, ensuring a home maximises its available space is no easy feat. There are certain considerations to decide upon, such as what is actually essential, what can be omitted, and the amenities that simply must be included. 

Today on homify we are going to take a look inside a small apartment located in the highly desirable city of Bilboa, Spain. Bilboa, known for its fine food, Guggenheim gallery, proximity to wine regions, historic port, and captivating culture, is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in northern Spain. A commercial hub for the entire Basque Country, it is a extremely popular place to reside. Boasting an array of fabulously inviting elements such as an abundance of delicious pinxos, rich history, and access to work class art, it is easy to see why individuals are keen to move to the region.

The apartment today is a meagre 105 square metres, but that doesn't stop it feeling as though it is much larger. Designed by Miguel Ángel Díaz González at MADG Architect, the newly refurbished dwelling boasts a spacious floorplan and an enthralling retro aesthetic. Natural materials are seen throughout, with a common interior scheme that connects the domestic spaces and provides a cohesive visual relationship. A Bulthaup kitchen acts as a highlight within the home, and the lighting has been seamlessly integrated by Susaeta Iluminación. Take a look at the following images, and revamp your compact home with confidence! Photography by Elker Azqueta

The contemporary retro abode

Sounding a little like an oxymoron, this contemporary retro interior truly incorporates the best elements of up-to-the-minute design, while retaining a modern vintage vibe. The first image we are taking a look at it the living and dining area. This open place space features embedded and recessed strip lighting, which works beautifully to exude a stylishly hospitable glow. However, it is the shapes of the indented ceiling spaces that truly add to the retro aesthetic of the room. 

Offering warm and comforting illumination, this space is further enhanced by a retro light fitting suspended over the dining table, as well as a statement lamp upon the console table. This room is almost space-age in its décor and design, employing a range of neutral pieces in mid-century modern shapes to complete the retro aesthetic and ambience.

Timber contrasts, and bright white hues

Turning around to view the apartment from a different vantage we are able to see the gorgeous timber wall panelling in its entirety. The curved nature of the apartment and living space dictates the shape of much of the furniture. For instance, in order to ensure a welcoming and soft space, the dining table is round instead of rectangular. 

The chaise longue juts out into the living room, providing a spatial delineation between the eating area and the relaxing lounge space. The colour palette that has been employed is essentially comprised of muted tones and hues, with the exception being the dark charcoal bookcase that adds contrast and depth within the room. Lighting is futuristic, imparting interest and a unique sense of intrigue.

Spacious dining space

Zooming in on the dining space we see the timber clad walls and brightly illuminated ceiling indents. The room is rather sparsely furnished, with a simple round table, and four comfortably designed chairs. The console table is a gorgeous highlight, which is extremely recessive within the space. 

The area is furnished to make the most of the compact floorplan, with a light polished concrete floor and white ceiling reflecting each other and adding a true sense of spaciousness.

Peaceful sleeping quarters

Within the bedroom we see a continuation of the colour scheme and style from other areas of the house, however, this space employs a few alternative designs and features. The overall aesthetic is still retro, with an Eames rocking chair a centre piece within the room. 

The bed is sumptuous and inviting, evoking comfort and warmth. The timber utilised for the floor and wainscot-bed head. The ceiling recessed is once again employed, and this adds a pleasing glow to the bedroom.

Sleek joinery, and minimal kitchen

The kitchen is ultra-modern and employs fitting-free joinery in a white veneer. The countertop is effortlessly chic, with a white splashback topping off the seamless design. Overall, the feeling within this space is one of sophistication and elegance. The room is simple and versatile, allowing the occupant to personalise the kitchen as they see fit. 

The area has been configured to maximise bench space, working with the floorplan constraints, ensuring the kitchen is functional and stylish.

Nifty features throughout

Shifting out perspective to look at the kitchen from the other direction, we see many nifty and neat features that have been employed. Room dividers are seen at the end of the space, isolating the kitchen if necessary, while providing transparent segregation without cutting off the room altogether. 

This sophisticated and elegant solution works beautifully in allowing the different areas of the house to be closed off and private. Additionally, we see the informal breakfast bar constructed from timber. This allows the occupant another area to sit and eat, which can also be utilised as a counter if more preparation space is needed. This cohesive design is fluid and workable, with maximum versatility and an efficient layout.

Retro bathroom and wash space

For a final look before we end our tour, we take a peek at the bathroom. The space oozes character, with the interestingly unique vanity providing an eye-catching feature. The rounded cupboard doors are a wonderfully retro inclusion, and when paired with contemporary white fixtures, gives the impression of a clean yet charming and charismatic space. 

Given the small space within the apartment, this bathroom feels rather large and roomy. A full-size bath/shower combination is a nice feature, offering a sense of rest and serenity that can be difficult to evoke in smaller apartments and condominiums. This residence is a beautiful interpretation of retro meets contemporary, boasting airy and spacious interior domestic living zones, the home blends high quality features with stylishly fittings and finishes.

We hope this inspired you to decorate and renew your dwelling! If you would like to continue reading, we recommend checking out another of our Spanish Ideabooks: A Chic and Sleek Getaway Home

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