6 tips for designing a teenager's bedroom

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Designing a child’s room can be a wonderful experience: with so many options and creative freedom – more than perhaps any other room in the house—you can really let your imagination run free. But what happens when that child of yours starts to grow up? And what happens when they start to grow out of their more childish preferences and start settling into a whole range of new interests?

Designing a room for a teenager can be a tricky task: not only are they starting to change in more ways than one, but those changes are likely to keep on coming thick and fast right through until early adulthood. Creating a space for them that meets their new stylistic preferences, as well as their more practical needs (such as a good desk, well lit space for studying, and a good, solid bed for a growing, and ever-sleeping teen) can be quite a challenge. Today on homify, we’re taking a look at how to create the ultimate teenager’s bedroom: a space that meets each need and helps to induce a sense of relaxation and allure. 

Read on, bring out your inner teenager, and get inspired about creating a fantastic space for your rapidly growing youngster.

Storage is essential!

A crucial consideration from the outset when it comes to the functionality and aesthetic success of your teenager’s room is that of storage: as you’ll no doubt already know, teenagers are pretty good at making a fast mess, and their room is likely to get very out of hand without sufficient space to store their various items and clothing.

While some teenagers might deny that this is the case, no one really wants or needs a room full of clutter and mess. When designing or revamping your teenager’s room, consider how you can maximise their storage spaces, whether it's under the bed, ample wardrobe space, or something like the fine example here: a neat, embedded shelving system that fuses effortlessly with this great, relaxing window-side reading area.

Think creatively with your lighting

Enough can’t be said about the importance of lighting, whether we’re discussing the ins and outs of a living room, kitchen, bedroom or beyond. But it’s especially the case when it comes to the teenager’s room: lighting has the ability to create all sorts of interesting and desirable effects, and with a few interesting choices, your teen will truly love what they see.

Here, we see a vibrant, cool and unique bedroom, replete with a fabulous colour motif, some interesting wall art, and of course, an array of well-selected and highly aesthetic desirable lighting: a great mix of wall lamp, desk lamp and a hanging pendant by the mirror on the rear wall.

Pick an interesting wall colour or paper

One of the best ways to personalise your teenager’s bedroom is by making the most of the wall space. While some teenagers might prefer an eclectic and colourful array of posters and pictures, there’s always scope to fit out the space with a much neater and perhaps even more desirable set of designs or pattern work.

Wallpaper and wall tattoos can meet this need with ease, with a vast range of different styles, patterns and motifs on offer. Work with your teenager, and decide on a theme that really brings out their individual sense of style, and the needs of the room itself.

Accessorise and decorate

Accessories can really make or break a space. By now, teenagers can be especially picking about what they like and dislike. Instead of going ahead and filling the room with piece you assume they will enjoy, sit down for a chat and get them involved in the process. By including a youngster in the conversation, they will feel ownership over their space, and be more likely to look after the cleanliness and upkeep of the area. 

This bedroom is a good example of a teen space. A television sits mounted upon the wall, while a huge wall map adds colour and interest. They can plan their next holiday, while leaning and engaging with the world as well. Finally bespoke lighting and joinery finish off the space, proving ample space to add accessories, ornamentation, and other curios. As this stage of life is highly changeable it is a good idea to keep the colour scheme relatively neutral, or utilise simple muted hues. This will allow for accessories to be added or removed with ease, and for colour scheme to change and adjust with time. 

Consider wall art or a mural

Wall art is a fabulous way for a teenager to personalise their space. Similar to wallpaper and wall colour, wall art takes your décor one step further! It is essential to choose something that your teenager is interested in, consider sitting down and discussing design options, or alternatively, you may both want to visit an interior designer, who can offer suggestions and ideas based upon interests.

Here we see a wall mural that really adds ambience and style to the sleeping space. The interior is bright yet subdued, providing interest and intrigue to the room. The cityscape can also provide a focal point for a room that may not have a window with a view. If the room looks out over a stale brick wall, or other neighbouring property, enhance the area with bright, interesting, and engaging wall art!

A stylish workspace

A workspace or home study space is absolutely essential for a teenager. As school tends to become a little more intense around this age, it is important that they have their own room to study, and undertake homework. Not only is it not practical for teenagers to work in the home's common social space, but they require an area that they can take ownership of, a place that is their individual and personalised space. 

Here in this example we see a gorgeous study and work area that has been designed with ample storage as well as recessed strip lighting. Ideal for working, relaxing, or simply reading a book, this desk is a great example of what can be achieved with a well-organised workspace.

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Do you have any other tips for our readers? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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