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Colours have a greater significance in our lives than we can imagine. So, before we begin a discussion on “how to colour up our lives” it would be better to pause awhile and think that “why and where are we lacking colours” in our lives. When we say that we are missing colours in our lives we generally mean that our lives are lacking in variation, feel boring and, consequently, bland. 

At this point you should ask yourself that is this sense of boredom self–inflicted? Perhaps, it is the job you are doing or the kind of relationship you are having with the people around is making your life dull and dreary. What can you do to bring in more positive changes there? 

Also, which colour are we missing most? This seemingly innocuous question may reveal a lot about your current situation. Is it the green that you miss most? Our city life is so crowded with concrete jungle, but so devoid of actual greenery. Green is also associated with birth and regeneration. May be, you understand that a phase of your life is coming to an end, but the road ahead is foggy and unclear and it is this state that your subconscious is revolting against. 

Understanding these nuances will help you to better manage the existing colours of your life and usher new ones. Forget not that our lives are a tapestry of most vivid colours and your home too should represent your true self. So, here are a few suggestions of the ways you can bring in colours in the interior of your home.


These otherwise simple objects of décor have immense power of colouring up the interior of your home. Throw a few bright and beautiful cushions on your sofa, bed, lounge chair and the bench that occupies the corner of your hallway. Experience for yourself the remarkable change in appearance. If your home boasts of a minimalist décor with elements mostly in subdued tones, choose more solid and sophisticated colours. 

Traditional oriental homes can experiment with the variety of prints, embroideries and motifs original to the region such as batik, tie and die, brocades, aari work and so on. These can give a luxurious and vibrant makeover to your soft furnishings, including the cushions.


We have this habit of easily getting used to our surroundings. While that has many advantages, it also prevents us from seeing the colours in places we have got used to. To break this monotony you must change the curtains from time to time. Choose curtains in dazzling colours that suite the existing décor of your home. 

You can have at least three to four sets of curtains to alter with the passing season as well. Keeping the curtains clean and tidy in the cities choking with dusts is a difficult but necessary process. Otherwise, it can cause respiratory complications. The lustre of your curtains however brilliant in colour will also lose its shine if not maintained properly.

Plants & Flowers

“Little flower—but if I could understand / What you are, root and all, and all in all / I should know what God and man is,” writes Alfred Tennyson. You may or may not see such poetry in flowers, but you cannot deny our need of being surrounded by green foliage and flowers. This terrace garden created by Pflanzenfreude is a brilliant example of how, assisted by loving floral companions, we can transform the look of our home. 

If you do not boast of a terrace like this, use the small veranda you have in front of your bedroom. Small potted plants can be kept in front of the windows. Do not exclude the bathroom window either. Certain indoor palm species, ferns, tillandsia, peace lily etc have great moisture absorbing qualities and will give you relief during the summer months.


Just like curtains, changing the rugs with new brighter ones will help you to induce colours inside your home. Do away with the monochromatic rugs and buy some new floors mats and carpets for the corridor, living room, bedroom and dining space. If you can invest in classic silk or wool rugs it will not only give your home a luxurious makeover for the new year, but will be an heirloom asset for your family. 

Traditional carpets tend to have more spectacular designs and shades than the modern synthetic versions. You can also opt for hand embroidered choir mats, shataranchi, razai, pattu pai (made of special type of grass and bordered with brocades) etc which are more economical, unique and beautiful options for a colourful home. Modern machine made woollen rugs in bright hues will also be a welcoming change for a more colourful home.


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When used tactically in sufficient amount, lights – including electrical fixtures, candles, diya and lanterns – can brighten up even the drabbest of interior. Additionally, with their bright shades and great looks they can help cheer up the ambience. Shy away from using glaring lights, however. It will cause strain and headaches instead of brightening up the interiors of a home. To know what kind of light is proper for which room see these suggestions here.
Do not also disregard the necessity of having natural light in a home. Large windows with glass panes will throw sufficient light inside and make it look merrier in the day time. At night throw open the windows to welcome the smiling moonbeam in.

Decorative Elements

Small touches of colour can easily be incorporated in a home by placing a few suitable decorative pieces in vivid hues. Deck up your living room by placing a few show pieces, dolls, shells and geometric decorative elements. Scatter them on the side table, corners, console table, dressing room, bookcases and other such like conceivable or inconceivable places.

Handcrafted papier mâché, beaded photo frames with appropriate images, lacquered boxes, metal or wooden wall hangings and paintings can also bring colourful effects in the interior of your home. You can also prepare basic craft items out of coconut shells, seashells, paper pulp, walnuts etc and use them to decorate your home. Not only will these introduce the necessary colours in the home, but will induce a sense of variety in your daily routine. Life too will no longer feel so dull and colourless anymore.

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