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This two storey house stands on a picturesque spot of a major South Korean city. Though spread over two floors the interior boasts of a very limited space. Baomida was entrusted with building and then interior styling this chic town house. The designers were required to make all provisions for a comfortable living in a building that only boasts of a very modest amount of space. But skilled as they are in handling a plethora of residential and commercial projects, this request came as an opportunity in showcasing their abilities. 

As this house was meant for a newlywed couple, it turned out to be a very special project as well. Space is hardly a limiting factor when two people find themselves greatly in love with each other. To borrow poet Friedrich Schiller’s words, “In the smallest cottage there is room enough for two lovers.” But it is the onus of the architects and designers to make it as comfortable as possible for the inhabitants, so that investing in a house does not turn out to be a regretful decision. 

With space coming only at a premium in the bigger cities, many people need to shell out substantial amounts of their savings to buy a house and then decorate it. A romantic home also needs to be a fully functional home. In a moment or two we will step inside this tiny town house to see how good a job Baomida has done. So stay with us.


Due to the smallness of size, this house is almost forced to welcome minimalist approach in its interior design. The lounge occupies one half of a free flowing hall. The contemporary white sofa holds the central position. Mismatching but colourful cushions spice up the space. A storage unit is tucked under the tv on the opposite wall. Its sleek look is made extra special through the use of shiny black surface. The area rug in neutral colour looks almost a part of the floor. Large windows with sliding glass panes across a narrow corridor immerse the entire space in light. Valance and task lighting also help to cheer up the living room.


The kitchen and dining area occupies the opposite end of the hall. The large window similar to the lounge is curtailed by the worktop placed underneath. But it is still big enough to allow sufficient sun light in this area. Faux brick tiles in dark shade decorate the wall behind the worktop. Wall mounted cabinets take care of all the appliances, kitchen utensils and tableware. Ceiling mounted task and spot lights help to brighten up the space.

Dining Space

The dining area hardly has a space to boast for itself. A dining table and four black chairs possessing almost an industrial look occupy the centre stage here. The pendant lightings though tasteful in looks hardly prove to be sufficient for jazzing up the area.


The corridor that runs by one side of the lounge ends up in a library cup home office. With cushions spread on floor, sitting arrangements have been made on floor by a small window to spend time with a book in hand. Bookcases made of wooden ledges and metallic pipes wear a stern look. But they keep the space organised and uncluttered. The walls here are decorated with faux stone tiles. The workstation could be found in one of the corners.

Home Office

The office table is similar to the dining table in shape and size, but is presented in a kohl black shade here. Except for ceiling mounted fixtures, a table lamp with adjustable arm helps to providing sufficient light. But for the presence of colourful framed illustrations, the home office wears a rather grim look.


The small bedroom is supplied with a full size bed. The accent wall bears a dark tone which does not help in making it feel more expansive than actual. Small ornamental object decorate the shelf placed over the headboard. The side tables are also basic and lightweight to avoid any creeping sense of clutter.


On one side, the bedroom opens up to a very small terrace. It is supplied with two wrought iron chairs and a table. Even the cushions are very minimal as if to let the views of the surrounding work as embellishments.

Dressing Table

The other side of the bedroom is occupied by a small dressing room that leads up to the bathroom. Arrangements have been made to create as graceful a space as possible with the help of a dressing table, large mirror and stool.

Green Elements

This romantic dwelling tries to introduce greenery in its interiors by placing small potted plants as well as flowers and herbs in glass vases. These are used in almost all possible places. They provide refreshing touches to the interior and help to cheer up the mood with their presence. 

To find out more about such ideas of remodelling, have a look here.

This two storey townhouse in South Korea epitomises minimalist decor ideals to create a habitable and romantic space for a newlywed couple. Which o...

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