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Cat lovers unite, for today we are going to discuss how to make your home worthy for a cat. You may already have years of experience with one or more than one kitties, you may just be dreaming of having one at home or you don’t own a cat as a pet but love them anyway. This post would prove informative for everyone who is an ailurophile. Yes, that is the linguist’s term for those who fancies cats. 

Do you know that which type of pet you own can say a lot about you? Studies suggest that cat lovers can be more introverted than the dog lovers. They also tend to be smarter, more independent and open minded. What if you have both cats and dogs at home? I am sure no one knows about it yet! But it is true that the behaviour of pets can reveal a lot about our personalities. It is impossible to have a cranky pet in an amiable home and vice versa.

This article, however, is not about us or our well being, but our dear feline friends’. So without anymore ado we are going to let the cat out of the bag, this time intentionally.

Cat House

You cannot have a pet at home without having proper sleeping arrangement for it. Blankets spread on floor, packing boxes etc may all work out well. But why not make this new year a special one for your cat friend? Gift it a stylish cat house, cat sleeping bag or tent that will keep it warm and cosy throughout the year. 

Cat lovers are also considered a very sensitive bunch of people, so I am sure you will take your cat’s emotions into considerations here. It also does not look good that you will sleep on an elegant bed furnished fresh for the season whereas your cat would occupy the same old rag as before!

Climbing Furniture

Despite its image of a lazy and dozing animal, cats love exercising. You should allow it to have enough of playful exercises on your backyard as well as inside your home. This ingeniously designed climbing furniture available from Gatto Blanco will allow your cats and dogs to have fun for hours together.  

Author Jerome K Jerome’s recipe for simple living included having pets at home. “Let your boat of life be light, packed only with what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends worth the name, someone to love and to love you, a cat, a dog, enough to eat and enough to wear,” said he. If you are a long time pet owner you will understand the efficacy of this suggestion better than many people.

Cat Company

16th century author and philosopher Michel de Montaigne often wondered, “When I play with my cat, who knows if I am not a pastime to her more than she is to me?” Cats cannot bear staying in an empty home for a long period of time. It cannot stand your watching the latest blockbuster movie while it is sitting all alone in a corner. 

It seeks attention and you must give enough of it. Try to have some time aside for patting, pampering or playing with it. Bringing another cat home will also reduce some of its loneliness. If none of this is possible have a cut out or tableau that exactly resembles a cat.

Cat Feeder

Maneki Neko or the beckoning cat is a good luck charm in Japan. During lucky cat festival in September, people enthusiastically buy ceramic, papier-mâché or plastic maneki neko to bring home the wealth and prosperity they are seeking. The higher priced cat figurines are seen carved in jade or moulded in gold.  

Your pet cat may not have the powers of maneki neko, but it certainly deserves this simplest form of pampering – a cat feeder. Present it with a couple of beautifully designed feeders, using which it can really relish the tastes of food at home or in your courtyard from morning to late in the evening.

Cat Playthings

Cats must have a few items at home to play with. Stuffed dolls seem to be a great choice, but make sure it can withstand your pet’s cattiness for a reasonable period of time. You can prepare basic cuddly toys like balls, mice and birds at home by stuffing papers, wool, cotton or other malleable objects into a fabric cover.

You must already be aware that there are hundreds of domestic cat species available for adoption. But one of the most popular cats of this planet is not available in the market. It has already been domesticated in houses across the world. You know whom I am referring here – Garfield, the popular cat from Jim Davis’ comic strip.

Cat Toilet

This is one of the more practical necessities of a cat friendly home. Having proper cat toilets installed at home and training a cat to use it help in maintaining the health and hygiene of everyone around, including the pets. This cat toilet by Stylecats is portable, so you can easily carry it with you while you are travelling. There are places where you could be fined if your cat is found out dirtying the pavements. So being cautious beforehand would be helpful.

This may not be a catty saga, but will give you useful hints about lighting up the interiors of your home the right way. You will be able to read it here.

Create a cat friendly home by having important accessories like cat house, cat feeder, cat toilet, cat companion and cat playthings. Let us which o...

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