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INT2architecture Scandinavian style living room
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It's no secret here in Singapore that we love some good, Scandinavian-style interior design. And why shouldn't we? It's chic, stylish and super-suited to our apartment lifestyle. It's also a great way to find the balance of cosy and chic when putting a room together or thinking about an interior theme. 

This gorgeous apartment, designed and styled by none other than INT2 Architecture, if filled to the brim (in beautiful, minimalist style) with ideas for you to get inspired by and copy. From the living room to the laundry, there's not one piece of furniture that's out of place, and there's not one element we don't love. 

So take a look and see what you think…

The study

Those blessed with space for a study can surely learn something from this roomy design.

The living room

Who doesn't want a fireplace? While they've made it the centrepiece of the room, they certainly haven't forgotten the importance of keeping the furniture pieces in sync as the yellow chair-cussions complement the warmth with ease.

Another angle

This angle of the living room shows how each element has been placed with precision to ensure that the whole space comes together. By sticking to a grey, muted colour scheme with touches of bronze and yellow, the space echoes of Scandinavia while sprinkling in a touch of that on-trend, rustic vibe.

The kitchen

Most of us aren't lucky enough to have kitchens quite this large, but there are still a lot of elements worth taking note of. The combination of wooden cabinets and smooth, marble bench tops, for example, certainly catch our eye. 


If you're squeezing your study/home office into one of your other rooms, such as the bedroom of living room, then a good way to make it feel like an individual space is to decorate the wall around it. A calendar is a good way to signal that the space is about business!


Two sinks, a bath, a rain shower- what does this gorgeous bathroom have? The Scandinavian feeling is still flowing through the room as the white-and-wood theme persists.

Separate toilet

We all know the annoyance of the bathroom being occupied, which is one of the main attractions to a separate toilet. This way everyone can enjoy their bathroom time for as long as desired.

Bedroom #1

They've opted for a green paint finish in the first bedroom of this beautiful home, and the result is not only relaxing but totally stylish. Features walls are almost never a bad idea.

Bedroom #2

While the paint-job in this bedroom adheres to the same pallet as the space we looked at above, it's all about blue this time.


Taking care of the washing is far more pleasant when the laundry is as beautiful as this one.

Kids' space

Just because you've got kids doesn't mean that your home needs to be a mess! You can also opt for stylish accessories and themes to craft a room as gorgeous as this one (some adults might even like to live here!)

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What do you think of this apartment? Let us know!

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