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BTO Dawson Designer House Modern kitchen
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We spend a lot of time talking about minimalism, Scandinavian-style design and all manner of chic, modern approaches to decorating our homes—but sometimes sticking the the basics and taking the no-frills path can actually result in the most cosy, warm, welcoming and surprisingly trendy homes. 
There's nothing lacking in this apartment designed by Designer House, in fact it's quite impressive and features many design tricks that are worth taking a second look at, what we mean when we say no frills is that it isn't over the top in terms of attempting to be on trend. Rather, by keeping the concept of home in mind, we're able to envisage ourselves truly living here rather than simply enjoying its pictures on a magazine page. 
Take a look for yourself and see if any rooms particularly take your fancy. If you've got a teeny-tiny bathroom, you might like to consider the way they've squeezed a reasonably sized shower in. 

The simple little living room

Can't you picture yourself here, on the sofa, enjoying a binge-session of your latest series obsession? Or even simply sitting, enjoying a cup of tea? We certainly can.

A more elevated view

This view gives a broader sense of how large the living room space actually is, and allows us to see that they've opted for the space saving solution of a TV-unit drilled to the wall. We also see a peek of the dining table.

A small but cosy bedroom

Sticking to the grey-scale palette we were introduced to in the living room, the bedroom doesn't knock us over with any bright, popping colours either. While the room is small, the bed itself is rather large, making this a space primarily dedicated to relexation and rest. 

A chic little kitchen

Breaking away from the grey tones of the other rooms, the wooden bench and splashback of the kitchen in this apartment bring a little bit of vibrancy and mix up the mood. We also can't say no to a gas stove.

Another look at the kitchen

This angle on the kitchen shows us how much cupboard space is present, and as most of us certainly know, the more storage space we can get—the better.

A small but smart bathroom

It's clear that the space in this bathroom is severely limited and while the shower and toilet might be a little bit close for some, keeping the space open means that the size is optimised. Who wants a bathroom that you can barely move in?

A second bathroom

If the first bathroom was too small for you then good news, this apartment actually has a second one that's a bit more spacious but equally stylish. 

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