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We all know that our country and city features some of the most impressive homes in the world—in terms of architecture as well as individual style. This Zig-Zag house, brought to us by the masterminds of Ministry of Design, demonstrates that by mixing creativity and practical principles, the best possible outcomes are achieved. 
Playing with layers and materials, the completed project features a green roof, elongated swimming pool and plenty of decking space. 
If you think the external view is impressive, wait until you see the beauty and simplicity of what waits inside. 

An external look

Mixing styles, themes, materials and levels, this house is nothing short of impressive. While the outside is impressive enough, it achieves the goal of making the inside ever intriguing; so without further ado…

Wood and white

The combination of wood and white never gets old, and thanks to the various light sources, the colours and tones in this room are lit natural warmth and cosiness. 

An aerial perspective

Looking down on the staircase, we can see that the many levels of this home knit and weave together in a stylish and architecturally impressive fashion.

The stunning upstairs

Open, warm, bright and full of potential, this stunning room can easily be manipulated into anything the owners want it to be… yet we think it looks beautiful enough empty.

A night time perspective

Just as gorgeous as the house looks under the sun, it impresses under the stars. The large windows that allow natural light in during the day reverse their role and light the home up from inside at night. 

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