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The Japanese style Singapore-city-home

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Paterson 3 Modern living room by AR43 Architects Pte Ltd Modern
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Most of us living in apartment blocks and small flats, and aside from those who are lucky enough to live in spacious streets that allow for large home, that's pretty much how it's always going to be. There's nothing wrong with it, however, as cosy little apartments and chic-minimalist pads have their own stylish appeal and are loaded with potential for enjoyable, smart and chic living. So, while apartment living is certainly not a negative thing… we can't deny that every now and then the appeal of living in a beautiful oasis of a house creeps in. This stunning structure designed by AR43 Architects Pty Ltd is unique and appealing in its own right, but it's the location that really stands out in this case. 

Situated on a lot that would normally be set aside for a block of apartments, this Japanese influenced home manages to own and hold its location with a sense of elegance and pride… and we can't take our eyes off it!

The stunning exterior

With the apartment block towering overhead in the background, it's a wonder that this home managed to capture so much attention and maintain such a stunning look.

A better look at the structure

When we take a look a bit closer up, it becomes apparent that this home is actually quite large, it just gets a bit dwarfed by its location. Each level, however, is beautifully pieced together with wood and black accenting, making for an extremely appealing finish.

The wonderful interior maze

We love homes that push design boundaries, and instead of opting for a straightforward interior design, they've incoroporated levels, separate sections and even a bridge.

The living room

Let's not forget that we're actually in the middle of the city here… this home is so beautifully constructed that it feels like we're away in our own beautiful, relaxing little world.

The marble bathroom

Sticking to the modern theme that is present throughout the home, the designers have opted to craft a marble-look bathroom, accented with a deep-tone wooden vanity. What stands out especially so is the way the marble floor contrasts with the wooden boards of the hall way floor.

The winding staircase

Appearing to be influenced by the Palmenhaus of Scloss Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria, the spiral staircase in this home is adorned by hedging and lush greenery. The structure itself, crafted of a strong silver material, contrasts beautifully with the natural wood of the opposite wall.

A night time look

From the back angle, we can see once again just how large this city-home truly is. The three levels, plus the two adjoining on the right-hand-side comprise enough space for everything you could ever want or dream of. A plus? It looks stunning lit at night!
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